I was peacefully sleeping, but then my cat that it would be fun to bite me in the back. That's not normal for her, so if I die of rabies, I'd just like to get this out here first. This is a poem for my... boyfriend. Oh, you have no idea how weird that is for me to say. My boyfriend. Woah. Yeah, let's move on. Read. Poem. Below.

I know I have a whole 'nother week with you,

before I have to say goodbye.

But a week seems so short,

and two months seems so long.

And the cruelty is that we've known each other for more than a year,

but only just now have we finally got both ourselves on the same page with this relationship.

And all the phone calls in the world won't keep me from missing you.

Texting isn't going to give me the warmth around my shoulder that your arm does.

Maybe if we're lucky we'll see each other once or twice.

All I know is, I can's stand listening to all these dopey summer love songs when you're not with me.

When we see each other again, let me play you a song on the guitar (even though I can't sing for crap.)

When we see each other again, I'll let you hug me.

But let's be happy.

I won't worry about the impossibilities of keeping a relationship going like this.

I won't worry about what's going to happen when school starts and we have no classes together.

I won't worry, because I still have a week with you.

And we're going to use it to make it the best damn week ever.