Hey nigga,

What are you doin?

What are you doin' with my girl?

She's mine, and mine alone

Stay away nigga

I'm not a nigga

never ignorant am I

my friend she is

always and always

Hey nigga,

stay away nigga

A white man is best

Stay away nigga

Give me a chance

One chance please

I can show you

That I am no fool

Nigga, nigga

always robbing

always killing

my slave, stupid nigga

She is my friend

Through and through

I can't, I won't

lose her to you

Stupid nigga

I have her

She loves me

as do I her

I know...

I hurt

I know

I hurt, but I know

Damn nigga

Stupid nigga

Ain't nothin'

Never nothin'

I am nothing

Nothing is something

I am no nigga

I am not a slave

You lie

You lie dearly

You nigga

pitiful nigga

Her friend?

You a nigga

nothin but garbage

nothin but a nigga

I want to give

I want to lose

I want her happy

Maybe I should give her to you...

She is mine

mine alone

no nigga's

but mine

I'm a nigga...

Ignorant in the full

I am nothing

a white man is best...

A white man is best

Always better

A white man

Always better

I'll let her go

You two go

I'm a nigga

She's all yours

A nigga-lover

that's who she is

a nigga lover at heart

I'll deal with it

I should let her go

A girl that a nigga doesn't deserve

A girl I shouldn't love

Because I'm a nigga

But I made my promise

A nigga

A nigga-lover

I'm sick of it

Sick of you

I made my promise

I should let her go

I made my promise

I will always love her

Stupid stupid nigga!

You slave!

You're nothing to me!

Me, a white man

I'm no nigga

I am who I am

I am not a nigga

I am not ignorant

You nigga!

I'm not

You slave!

I am not

Have her then!

I already do

Stupid nigga!

That is you

She is not mine

The one that I love

My friend for certain

My love for all that is more

Closing this?

I think we must

Closing it

And grind it down to dust



Beaten and broken

You lied to her

You betrayed her

Did you care?

Stupid... nigga

That is you

Something I am not

But it is something of you

Ignorance is you

I've won her

Me, a nigga

I've won her

away from you

I will not lie

I assure you

I love her

Through and through