The boy that runs

Like a gazelle;

An overweight princess

Who dies her hair;

A child of four feet,

He likes to pretend he's not.

These and many others

Are killing me, the

Only ones that can.

They remain to be my

Raging fever,

My implacable sunburn,

My slowly stopping heart:

All of it

Is them, for

They are the ones that

Can be.

Five minutes between

Calling "Switch it up!"

Five minutes between

Deaths, one after another.

Five minutes, when

My heart begins racing,

My bugbites itching,

My throat scratching,

My skin peeling,

My fingernails breaking,

My hair falling,

My medicine failing,

The tears in my eyes burning:

It is all them,

The things they do, for

They are the only ones that

Have the power.

And at the call

"Balls up!"

My heart beats at a normal rate,

My medicine suddenly works.

I cease to be sick, and I

Stop dying;

"Balls up!"

Is all that can

Cure me.