Sun, Sand and Surf

Synopsis: Raymond Hale is a non-professional surfer with quite a bit of talent. He teaches others how to surf, wakeboard, ski and swim (avoiding undertoe). One of his students, Matilda Orinoco, is not well versed in English and has trouble understanding him but learns to surf nonetheless. He becomes entranced with her and she remains clueless. Can love break the language barrier and can Matilda earn citizenship before her greencard expires ?

~*~ CAST ~*~

Georgia Hale: (Ray's mom)

Nathan Hale: (Ray's dad)

Raymond Hale:

Johann Moore: (owner of a supply shop)

Keanu Nguyen: (best friend)

Matilda Orinoco:

Lucinda Gonzalez: (Matty's best friend, 'translator')

Chiba Dayu: (one of Raymond's students)

Cleo Angelica Dunbar:

Victoria Hale:

Jonas Nguyen:

Jeff Nguyen:

Scene 1—Summer Time, and Business Is Booming

(There's a shop not far from the beach called 'Boards & Moore'. Johann opens it, and his assistant manager, Raymond, is following close behind him.)

Johann: Early again, I see.

Raymond: (expectantly and exhuberantly) You know it, Johann. I love this time of year ! The constant influx of students, the smell of the sea salt in the balmy summer breeze. (breathes in deeply) It's fabulous !

Johann: It truly is. (chuckling) Who would've ever thought I'd leave my native Sweden and make a living on American soil, and the beach no less ?

Raymond: Life has twists and turns my friend. To be honest, I'm eager to teach new students the art of surfing, skiing, wakeboarding and swimming.

Johann: You should think about going pro in surfing some day though.

You're really amazing. You could definitely win a competition.

Ray: That's what Keanu keeps saying, "Dude, you should totally sign up for Regionals, you would be righteous !" (shakes head left and right) Firstly, having you as a sponsor, no offense, would be seen as a joke to the locals. We have no trouble with making revenue, but this shop hasn't sponsored a surfer, pro or not since, what, the 70s ?

Johann: (sighing sadly) It's true. We'd be a laughing stock. I'm sorry I mentioned it.

Ray: (pats his supervisor's back) Think nothing of it, Han. I appreciate the compliment though.

(Customers start pouring into the shop, as well as students. Many of the main characters we see are introduced in a montage to upbeat Hawaiian music until the very last student walks in, with an interpreter.)

Ray: (saucily) Why, helllo there, miss !

Matilda: (in Spanish) Excuse me ? I don't understand English too well.

Lucinda: Oh, I am so sorry, erm (reads nametag) Ray, but Matilda here doesn't speak English or understand it very well. I'll interpret for her and translate for you.

Matilda: Thank you.

Lucinda: Just call me Lucy, Ray.

Ray: Will do. (beams a huge smile at Matilda) So, Matilda, what did you want to sign up for ?

Lucinda: (asking her in Spanish) What do you want to do, Matty ?

Matty: (looking around at the posters on the wall, and points to the surfing one)

Ah, perfecto ! Surfing !

Lucinda: She wants to sign up for your surfing class.

Ray: (almost dreamily, but focused) I have one spot open, and it's all yours, beautiful, if you sign right here on the roster.

Lucinda: (translating)

Matilda: (signing) When do I meet you ?

Ray: (still a bit lovesick) I have to learn Spanish...(sighs euphorically)

Johann: (almost militant, but paternally) Ray ! Focus !

Ray: Right, sir. Yes, of course ! (clears throat) My dear Matty, classes begin at 8:00 am and your appointment is right before lunch. I will see you then,


Matilda: (chuckling) You know, Lucinda, I still don't understand a word he says to me, but he's so cute it doesn't really matter !

Lucinda: Matty says she looks forward to learning from you. See you around,

chico. (winks)

(Scene fade)

Scene 2—Lost In Translation

(Good Vibrations is playing in the background. Ray is finshing up with his latest boogie board student, Chiba.)

Ray: That's it, Chiba ! You're getting it ! Go for that wave, man !

Chiba: (nodding, catching it and riding it into the shore)

Ray: Yeah, man ! Hang ten !

Chiba: WOO HOO !

Matty: (coming in with a surfboard she recently bought) Ray !

Chiba: Oh, ho, ho...Raymond you DOG !

Ray: (gives him a knowing look) Mind out of the gutter, Junior !

I'll see you tomorrow, alright ?

Chiba: Oh yeah. Definitely. (makes a flirtatious gesture at Matty and runs off)

Ray: Chiba's a cute kid, isn't he ? (laughs) Little bit precocious but, he's becoming one of my best students. (has a Spanish phrasebook on hand)

(in his mind) I'm glad Johann sugguested this phrasebook.

Matty: (speaking Spanish) I'm ready, Ray. Show me what to do.

Ray: (a bit confused, using phrasebook) Could you speak slower ?

I'm still learning and my Spanish is rusty.

(He begins to show her how to surf properly to appropriate surfer-esque music, like The Pixies, Letters to Cleo or upbeat Hawaiian traditional music.)

Matty: (wiping out until she finally accomplishes riding her board)

I got it ! Hey ! Look, I'm surfing, Ray ! Yes !

Ray: Good ! Great work, Matty ! Keep going, beautiful !

Matty: (laughing triumphantly until she coasts in to the shore) I did it !

Thanks to you ! (hugging him)

Ray: (a bit surprised by the embrace and goes wobbily legged for a moment)

I'm a bit hungry. Would you like something to eat ?

Matty: Sure ! (takes him by the hand and they go to dance club where they're playing a variety of salsa hits in the background)

Ray: So, why didn't you come with Lucy today ?

Matty: (places her hands atop his) I wanted it to be us. Besides, your Spanish is improving.

Ray: (speaks English) Is it alright if I switch to English every now and then ?

Matty: (trying her best) Sure. I'm trying to learn to speak your language, too.

You've been teaching me. I understand better.

Ray: Fantastic !

(Cuba Libre starts playing)

Matty: (becoming animated) Oh, I love this song ! Come on, Ray, dance with me, please !

Ray: (chuckling, going along with her) You are sensational ! I never knew you could move like that.

Matty: Me either ! (The two of them laugh)

(Scene transition of the two of them laughing as they leave the club)

Matty: (taking his hand without him realizing it) Are you done teaching for the day ?

Ray: Yes. Why do you ask ?

Matty: Would you like to go to the movies with me ?

Ray: Are you asking me out on a date ?

Matty: (chuckling) Of course I am, silly. I didn't think asking you would be proper when you were my teacher.

Ray: I would be honored, my lovely.

(A symphonic version of Bella Note plays as they watch Rio together and he walks her home. The two share their first romantic kiss together and after she closes her door, he leaps up and shouts, "Yahoo !" as loud as he can.)

(Scene shift)

Scene 3—Study, Study, Study

('Don't Worry Bout a Thing' plays over the radio and Ray is singing merrily to it as he helps Johan open the shop)

Johann: You're rather chipper today, Ray.

Ray: Can't help it. Life is good, Johann. Regionals are coming up and I think that my best student is entering the competition.

Johann: You mean Chiba ? He has improved vastly since you started instructing him.

Ray: He's going up against my best friend Keanu though, and Keanu's been in the running for years. He's won Regionals 3 years ongoing. (doorbell rings)

Speak of the devil.

Keanu: Hey, Ray dude ! (pats his back) Long time no see ! Been workin' hard, huh ?

Ray: Yeah, man. Sorry about that. Would've loved to have played volleyball with you and the guys last night...

Keanu: But you were out with Matty. Mmm-mmm-mmm that girl is F-I-N-E fine, bra. I don't hold it against you. She's cool ! I just wish her spicy friend Lucinda would take notice of (points at his six-pack a bit vainly) all this action goin' on.

Ray: (lowers head) Oh brother. I think she may be going to regionals, but you need to impress her more than with your sharply cut abs, my friend.

Keanu: (loud laugh) I know that, bra. I was just testing you to see if you were paying attention ! (noogies him) So, where are Lucy and Matty anyhow ?

Ray: Lucy's helping her prepare for citizenship testing. I'm just hopeful that her greencard's still good. I think I might've found the love of my life, Keanu.

Keanu: (taking him by the shoulders) I'm sure Matty's gonna be just fine, man.

She's totally brilliant. Don't sweat it, bra !

Ray: You're right, I just need to chill. Whatever happens, you know I'm going to be there to watch you and Chiba battle it out.

Keanu: The quintessential pro versus the newbie. Oh, you know it's gonna be EPIC ! (fist pumps enthuiastically)

Ray: Which reminds me, I have one last student today who's learning how to properly breaststroke. Wouldn't surprise me if she became the next Michael Phelps. She can outswim anyone.

Keanu: Will you be up later for a little something to eat ? I'll buy.

Ray: Why not, since you're being so generous. I'll catch you later, right ?

Keanu: (hugging him) Later, bra ! (leaves the store)

Cleo: (entering, looking eager and willing to learn) Alright, Ray, let's do this !

Ray: (patting her hand) Together. We'll get this stroke down pat !

('Fun' by Smashmouth plays as Cleo learns the stroke without incident.)

Cleo: I've got this !

Ray: You're a regular mermaid, Cleo ! (applauds) Come tomorrow, you'll be ready to face any opponent.

Cleo: (swimming to shore) Are you going to watch me in Regionals this weekend ? I've been working really hard at it at home, against my brothers.

I always beat them though.

Ray: (chuckle) Yeah, I bet you do. But, sure...You know I'll be at Regionals.

Cleo: Excellent ! I'll see you then.

Ray: I'll be rooting for you Cleo !

Cleo: Thanks, Ray ! (unexpectedly hugs him)

Ray: (surprised and touched) You're welcome, little mermaid !

Cleo: (laughs and leaves the beach to walk home)

(scene transition)

Ray: (looking at his cell, thinking) Why haven't you called me yet, Matty ?

Keanu: There you are. I knew I could count on you to be early.

Ray: You know me. Fashionably ahead of time, as always.

Keanu: Why the long face ?

Ray: Matty hasn't called me at all today.

Keanu: (slaps him on the back) Don't worry about her. She's studying hard, and probably taking the exams right now.

Ray: (cell rings, and he fumbles for it) Hello ?

Lucy: Hey, Ray. Sorry it couldn't have been Matty on the phone, but I have superb news.

Keanu: Who is it ? Is it Matty ? (nudges Ray)

Ray: It's your love interest, dolt !

Keanu: (gulps, slightly nervous) Might I talk to her ?

Ray: (sighs in exhasperation) Fine.

Keanu: (bashfully) Hey, gorgeous.

Lucy: (a bit put off) Hi...Keanu. My good news was for Ray, not for you.

I'll tell you anyway, though. Matty passed the citizenship test, as did I.

We're Americans !

Keanu: (overjoyed) Hallelujah, girl ! Hot and beautiful, I knew you could do it.

Lucy: (groaning slightly) Of course we could, Keanu. I was thinking we would all celebrate after Regionals tomorrow.

Keanu: (luciviously) We, hmm ? How radical.

Lucy: (calmly) Could you hand the phone back to Ray, please ?

Keanu: (deflated) Yes, linda.

Ray: (spiritedly) I couldn't be prouder of you both. This is definitely cause for celebration, and we'll definitely have a party all of us we'll remember tomorrow night ! Oh and (whispers over the phone) give Keanu a chance. I know he seems like a dolt...

Lucy: And a dunderheaded beefcake...

Ray: (tries to stifel a laugh) But he means well. He can be a gentleman.

Guy's been my friend since kindergarten.

Lucy: (reluctantly) Fine. I'll do it. But I best not regret it, Ray.

Ray: So tomorrow, after regionals. Be there or be square.

Lucy: (spirits picking up) Assuredly. We'll be there with bells on.

(hangs phone up)

Keanu: (gives Ray a high-five) I knew your girl was capable ! See, I told you.

Ray: And you were right, I was getting antsy over nothing. Now I can simply sit back, relax and watch you go against Chiba tomorrow. No pressure, bud.

Keanu: That's just mean, bra.

(the two laugh)

(scene fade)

Scene 4—Painting the Beach Red

('Pump It' is played as the contestants battle it out in regionals, Ray cheering his contestants on the whole way. Chiba beats Keanu pretty fiercely, and Lucy begins to see a different, softer side of him.)

Keanu: Chiba totally killed out there, bra.

Ray: He did. I'm sorry you didn't win the trophy, dude.

Keanu: It blows chum, man. But hey, I tried. How did your little swimmer do ?

Ray: She won, and this was her first year competing !

Keanu: That's pretty sweet. Maybe she will be the next Michael Phelps someday.

Ray: If she ever goes pro, I'm sure she could give Phelps a run for his money.


Lucy: Don't feel so bad about not winning the trophy. We're still going to paint the beach red tonight, remember ?

Keanu: (brightening) Sounds good to me, dudette.

('I Want to Party' plays in the background as the whole bunch is shown enjoying the nightlife, doing the limbo, doing the Electric Slide and finishing the night with darts, ping pong and roller skating. By the time the night is through, Lucy has fallen asleep in Keanu's arms and he is carrying her to the car.)

Keanu: I had no idea she'd conk out like that. (grinning gleefully) She is even more beautiful sleeping.

Ray: (laughs lightly) I think it'd be great if we'd all call it a night for now.

Matty: Sounds good to me, mi guapo. (kisses his cheek)

('Sailing' is playing on the radio as they return home, and a sleepy Lucy is awakened by Matty when they approach their residence.)

Lucy: We should really do this again sometime.

Keanu: (wiggles eyebrows) Oh, mos def, babe. Count me in.

(They wave goodbye and walk inside their home, and Keanu looks at Ray, grasping him by the shoulders excitedly)

Keanu: I actually held her in my arms, man ! I can't believe it !

Ray: There might be hope for you yet, my friend. (pats him on the back)

Keanu: With your help, of course. You are the dude, bra. I love you man !

(kissing his cheek)

Ray: Keep it down, do you want people to think we're gay ?

Keanu: Hey, what's wrong in a dude showing affection to another dude ?

(nudges him)

Ray: Ah, ha ha. Very droll, Keanu. If I didn't like you so much, I'd kick your butt 'til next Tuesday.

(The two ride their jeep into the horizon, scene end)

Scene 5—Surfers Together, Forever

(Seven Years Later appears on the screen.)

Ray: (narrating, we can see him on the board with Matty. Keanu and Lucy are surfing together as well) After persuing the love of my life, she finally convinced me to marry her. I still teach others to tame the waves and water, but I have a new responsibility.

Victoria: Look, dad ! I'm doing it !

Ray: Yes, you are, my sunshine !

Matty: Go Victoria !

Victoria: Woah...WOAH ! (wipes out)

Keanu: Ah, man. Wipeout little dudette. She'll get it. Jeff, Jonas, help her up.

Jonas: Sure, pop.

(the twins help her up)

Vicky: Thanks guys. Those waves are rougher than usual today.

Jeff: I thought you did really good, Vicky ! Your dad's a killer instructor.

You're sure to rule these waves someday.

Georiga: Let me see my little sweetie...

Vicky: Grandma ! (rushes to her and grandpa)

Nathan: What's that you have there in your hands, hon ?

Vicky: Just some shells. I know how much granny likes to collect them.

Jeff and Jonas have been helping me find them. They're super shell hunters !

Jonas: (puffed up) Yep ! We rule !

(Ray, Keanu, Lucy and Matty come into shore.)

Keanu: That you do, my little dude. Both of you. (gets an idea)

Hey, I'm feeling kinda thirsty. You guys want some shaved ice ?

I'll buy.

Jeff: Can we Grandpa Nathan ?

Nathan: I don't see the harm, it's not too terribly sugary.

Twins: YEA ! You rock, grandpa Nate.

Nathan: (chuckling) Go on you two. You know what we like.

Ray: (bringing his wife close, narrating) Even if it took seven years, it was worth it. I couldn't imagine my life being any fuller than it is now with my friends beside me and the promise that the sun, sand and surf holds for me in each breaking day.

(An upeat 'Aloha Oy' plays as an overlook shot pans the entire scene, happy family, kids laughing, grandparents cracking up at kids' antics, and husband and wife sharing a breathtaking kiss before a shot of the Hawaiian sunset. The End appears across the screen as if brought in by a monster wave.)