I came here to cry.

Slowly and surely I ascended the stairs, the stairs that I once believed would grant us both wings into the Heavenly world. The place where I took your hand and we dreamed of our world with no complications – where you didn't have to leave. The place where we stared at each other and just knew, in that one instant, and we shared our first kiss underneath the stars.

But I didn't come here to cry over you, I'm far past all of the magic that we once had.

I came here to cry about him but to think such bitter thoughts seems to taint what was once a wonderful place.

It's another frigid April night and I shiver, foolishly and mentally reprimanding myself for not bringing a sweater once again. I sit in the same place and press my back up against the hard wall. The stars are out on this clear and cold comforting night.

I conjure up all of the pain that he has caused and try to force the salty warm tears from my tear-ducts, but all of the emotions I feel for him remain bottled, and as I start to find comfort in the frozen air I light a cigarette and let other memories flood my mind, settling down in my unhealthy means. The blue chemical-infested light from my cigarette lingers in the air and finally settles about me. I've found the clouds.

I'm so over you. I think to myself and look at the trees. Yeah, totally.

The smile replaces any urge I had for tears and mystically the wind brushes my hair off of my cheek and I can swear that some part of you is there with me, though I am solitary.

I take out a pen and scrawl on the wood, Once upon a time, I fell in love here.

I stub out my cigarette and pack up my things. Before I descend the stairs, I gaze once more upon this place, knowing that it is the last time I will need it.

I came here to cry over him, but the memories of our happiness despite the pain, has reminded me to enjoy the smiles. Although you are gone, I can still surround myself in the memories and know that we once had something real. I know that although he has made me sad now, this is no end to happiness. It's a mere bump in the road.

"Thank you." I whisper, and the wind shakes the trees in a response. I take this as a sign and start climbing down the stairs.

I used to think this place was heaven. Now I know it's just the place where the stairs meet the stars.