Hey everyone! Summer's getting pretty close so I decided to write a new story for the time being! It's more so a sort of respect for Ranma 1/2, mainly the storyline about cheerleaders! While I will admit it somewhat has the same story (mainly revenge against a cheerleader and the wackiness that follows), I will give this my own way of things! Thank Rumiko Takahashi for such a classic manga we come to love...Or give us inspiration! XD

Be sure to check out both "Class 12-K: The Short Stories Madness" and "Class 12-K: We Have A Databook!" for main characters list! (optional but a big help!)

Enjoy and have a great start for your Summer vacation!

Class 12-K: When Cheerleaders Are Scary As Hell

Part 1: How it all begins... (Alternate Title: When a cheerleader ruins a dodgeball game)

(Our story begins as Kaimon High School, as a girl's dodge ball match between Kaimon and their rival school Tora Rokku is taking place in the gym!)

Kyoko: Take this! (then throws a ball that smacks a girl from the other side) Alright!

Nagase: Good job Kyoko! (then both give a high five. As this is going on, Maxtaro and the guys are watching from the seats)

Maxtaro: Yeesh, those bimbos from Tora Rokku aren't even trying out there.

Baku: Well then again, the dodge ball team asked the toughest girls in our class to join them. (then Ryo stands up, annoyed that Tae has gotten herself hit from a ball)

Ryo: What was that? Didn't you see that you moron? (Tae only glares and pulls a middle finger as a response in Ryo's direction) Oh, real mature!

Gen: Oh! Nagase just floored that girl-Is that teeth?

Baku: Yeah...She does have a Hell lot of strength you know.

guys: Scary... (sweat drop)

Maxtaro: (yawns) I need to take a leak.

Renton: but the game's almost over.

Maxtaro: And we win, that's not much of a surprise. (then stands up and walks out of the gym on his way to the rest room at the school yard) Wait, isn't Nabiki considered one of the toughest girls in class? Then why isn't she-Oh crap- (then Nabiki happens to be waiting for him) Please tell me I'm drunk thanks to my Aunt and that's really a tree...

Nabiki: Hello my lovely Maxtaro! I knew you were coming this way!

Maxtaro: (surprised) ...Wait, I can see how many ways this is wrong...

Nabiki: I happen to record your actions during class. (pulls out a black notebook) Today's records so far has you drinking about 20 cans of soda, which was bought because it turns out your Aunt misplaced your lunch bag with a bag filled with several cans of beer...Also noted that you gave her a rather scathing phone call after finding that out.

Maxtaro: ...Yeah, I stand corrected... (sweat drop) Now, can you leave me alone? I got to go.

Nabiki: Well...Perhaps if you do something for me-

Maxtaro: (quickly points to a random direction) Look! A much hotter clone of me doing the Charleston!

Nabiki: (turns) Really? (Maxtaro ran for it the moment she looks away)

Maxtaro: Later, you crazy chick! (rushes into the restroom)

Nabiki: (shocked) Curses! (now stands outside the door) That's not fair!

Maxtaro: (shouting) Don't care!

Nabiki: I'll wait all day for you to come out! (cuts to the restroom)

Maxtaro: Aw crap, really? What the Hell do I do now? (then looks at a window) Hmm... (cuts to outside)

Nabiki: You can't wait forever! (then Maxtaro shouts out)

Maxtaro: Then I'll just take the only window out of here!

Nabiki: What? (then rushes to the back...While Maxtaro simply walks to the exit)

Maxtaro: Heh, sucker. (then takes a brief jog back to the gym...What? She'll be back if he doesn't pick up the pace. Maxtaro then finds Baku at the gym entrance)

Baku: What took you so long? (Maxtaro is taken by surprise at this outburst)

Maxtaro: Whoa, what got you all pissed off? I said I was taking a leak, not taking a random jog around the school 5 times.

Baku: There's no time, Tora Rokku is handing our asses right now!

Maxtaro: Wait, what? (they enter the gym, and seeing many girls on their team knocked out cold) Huh? What the Hell just happen? (then looks at the Tora Rokku side...And sees a rather small girl wearing thick glasses as the only opposition)

Baku: It's that girl. She's been handing our asses the moment she's the last one. (then the girl hurls the ball at Kyoko, where she and Nagase are the only ones left)

Kyoko: Crap, can't dodge it!

Nagase: Kyoko! (then jumps in the way, the ball slamming her face with such force that she collides against Kyoko, the two crashing down the floor together)

Kyoko: (shocked) Nagase!

Nagase: (her glasses shattered with a large red mark on her head) No worries...I'm fine...

Kyoko: (shows four fingers right in Nagase's line of view) How many fingers am I holding?

Nagase: (squints...Then chuckles) Kyoko, that's not how to play rock paper scissors.

Kyoko: Oh my god, you're really in bad shape! (then hears a female cry from the crowd)

girl: Alright Leina! Just one more to go and victory is ours!

Kyoko: (growls) That voice again! Show yourself!

girl: My pleasure! (then a blur jumps out from the seats, flung clothing of a school uniform bearing the red and yellow colors of Tora Rokku in the air as a girl with light purple, ox horns styled, hair, tied in a blue ribbon, in a cheerleader's uniform lands just outside the court)

Maxtaro: ...What the Hell just happen?

Baku: I'm not sure myself... (they both sweat drop)

Kyoko: So you're the one crying out all those random cheers!

girl: Well duh! After all, you Kaimon amazons are about to gang up on Leina like that! (her friend then speaks)

Leina: (in a soft tone) Oh, it's no big deal Himiko.

Himiko: Leina, it is so a big deal! Now win this game and we'll treat with ice cream soon after! Do or die!

Leina: (now a little more confident) Okay! (then suddenly hurls another fast one)

Kyoko: Aw crud! (then Maxtaro shouts out)

Maxtaro: (annoyed) What are you doing out there? Dodge that stupid ball already! (Kyoko then amazingly dodge the ball in a slim miracle of a chance)

Kyoko: (shocked) What the-I thought for sure I wouldn't dodge it in time... (looks at Maxtaro) It happened the moment Maxtaro opened his mouth as usual-

Himiko: Hey! (walks over to Kyoko's side of the court) Pay attention you brute!

Kyoko: (now angry) Okay, that's it! (then walks to Himiko, glaring her in the face) You're interfering in this game you midriff showing bimbo- (then out of nowhere, a ball gently hits the side of her head) Huh?

Leina: (back to her rather soft attitude) Oh my...I think we won.

referee: Tora Rokku wins! An upset for Kaimon!

Himiko: (smiles at Kyoko) I guess getting angry wasn't your best move today, isn't it? (walks away to meet with her friends) Later, loser! (a long dreaded silence soon follows for the students of Kaimon)

Kyoko: ...What the Hell just happened here? (growls and slams her fist on the ground...With enough force to produce some large cracks) ...

Maxtaro: Look, it wasn't our day today- (then pauses) ...Oh crap, are you crying-

Kyoko: (tears flowing) I am not crying! (then notices her tears) ...I-I have to go! (quickly walks away as she sobs) Don't follow me!

Maxtaro: Kyoko... (then sees her storms off the gym, nearly breaking the door off it's hinges) ...I hope she gets better.

Baku: Well, that's reassuring.

Maxtaro: (annoyed) Dammit, no snarking this time.

Baku: Oh, sorry. (clears his throat) Still sad.

Nagase: Uhhh...My head hurts...Can someone take me to the nurses...Wait, did we win?

Ryo: Frankly, I'm more worried about her than about Hino if I were you guys. (sweat drop. Later that day, Maxtaro is walking home from school, in a rather sad mood)

Maxtaro: She wouldn't stop crying all day in class and wouldn't let me walk her home... (then growls) That stupid cheerleader... (then quickly finds himself surrounded by a bunch of students) Gah! Where the Hell did you guys come from? (the ring leader? Turns out to be the head of the Kaimon High School Boxing Club, Takashi Maeda) Takashi?

Takashi: Maxtaro, the club leaders are looking for you.

Maxtaro: What, really?

Takashi: Yeah, turns out everyone hated the upset and complained to principal Kisuke to set up a new event with Tora Rokku. And just nearly all the leaders voted that you should be our representative.

Maxtaro: Wait, are you serious? What event is this?

Takashi: Well, it's a simple gym brawl. Nothing sportsman like...Just plain old violence...

Maxtaro: (frowning) ...Figures, they all think I'm a strong jackass. (sweat drop) And Kisuke allowed this? That guy is nuts for a principal.

Takashi: To be fair, even I thought that was random...

Maxtaro: Whose the unlucky sap?

Takashi: Tora Rokku's very own Sasuke Tenzan, head of it's karate club. Come to think of it, he has an unstoppable winning streak so far and had a stint of wrecking wooden buildings with his bare hands as a part time job.

Maxtaro: (shocked) And you want me to beat him? No way.

Takashi: Well, it's not like you got a choice.

Maxtaro: Well screw it, I don't care if I get suspended or something because I'm not getting my ass kicked for revenge! (then at the wort timing possible, Nabiki pops out from a bush)

Nabiki: Don't worry, I believe you can win! I'll cheer for you!

Maxtaro: (annoyed) And why are you here?

Nabiki: Says here in the records that you usually walk home in this part of town when you're in a sour mood.

Maxtaro: (in gritted teeth) It'll be even more sour if you don't leave. (then suddenly, a large figure appears standing on top of a phone booth) Oh, what now? (a Kaimon student then is struck by fear)

student: Oh crap, it's him! Sasuke Tenzan! (Sasuke Tenzan, Tora Rokku's Karate Club Saint...He's bald just to say but he's proud of it!)

Sasuke: That's right and I heard from the principal at school that I'll be having a match next week. (takes a look at a confused Maxtaro...And frowns) And this is your pick?

Maxtaro: ...What's that supposed to mean?

Sasuke: I heard of your reputation and fights against many delinquents and...I'm not impressed.

Maxtaro: ...Sounds like fighting words if you ask me.

Takashi: Hey now, let's not get too hasty. (sweat drop)

Maxtaro: Relax, it's not like I changed my mind- (then notices Himiko, in school uniform, walks by)

Himiko: There you are Sasuke! (Maxtaro is surprised)

Maxtaro: It's that girl...

Sasuke: Oh! (jumps down the phone booth) Sorry, I totally forgot about our date tonight!

Himiko: that's why I took the liberty to look for you first silly! (then kisses him in the cheek) Such a silly boyfriend! (this fact now intrigues Maxtaro as he raises a brow)

Maxtaro: Boyfriend? (then pulls an evil smile as he walks over to a bench) Hey, asshole. Watch this.

Sasuke: What are- (then Maxtaro suddenly punches the bench, exploding into a shower of splinters) ...Well, it seems you're not just talk after all.

Maxtaro: Damn straight.

Takashi: ...It seems we'll be having that match after all... (sweat drop)

Maxtaro: I'm considering taking you out to get Kaimon's honor back after today's little fiasco. But in one condition... (then suddenly points a finger at Himiko with a glare) Let her cheer for you. That way, once I kick your ass, she'll also be labeled a loser right alongside ya.

Sasuke: (offended) Why you- (Himiko then extends a hand, as to stop Sasuke from speaking further)

Himiko: No Sasuke, don't lose your temper. And by the way, I already plan to cheer for Sasuke as I convince our school boards to make this into a cheer brawl match!

Maxtaro: (a blank look on his face) ...A cheer what now?

Himiko: A match where both sides and their cheerleaders work side by side in battle! As a matter of fact, Sasuke and I never lost a single match under this category. Not to mention you seem to be pretty ill tempered and just plain look like some ugly ogre, even without that scar on your nose.

Maxtaro: (annoyed) Hey! I take some pride about my scar! And I got a pretty damn good reputation-

Nabiki: Are you ignoring me? You are!

Maxtaro: (growls) Shut it- (then realize something) You said you would cheer for me and you're strong, right? Then help me out here!

Nabiki: ...Omigod! I would so help you! (starts dancing in joy)

Maxtaro: Haha! I got my cheerleader, you guys are screwed now!

Himiko: Hah, as if! You just let yourself lose this battle, even if you learn the secrets of cheer leading! Let's go Sasuke.

Sasuke: Right. We will meet again soon enough. (they leave)

Takashi: ...Um, what just happen? (Maxtaro...Then notices what just happened)

Maxtaro: ...I just think I pulled a series of terrible decisions... (sweat drop)

Nabiki: (holding a cheerleader uniform) I even prepared for this moment-

Maxtaro: (annoyed) Will you just go home already?

It seems Maxtaro has discovered a way to get some payback for Kyoko's sake! But from the sounds of things, did he perhaps chew a little more than he can swallow?

Till Next Time!