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Chapter 12: A Quiet Yet Somewhat Meaningful End For This Story!

(begins in the quiet Hino Dojo in a hot day, a few days after the absurd cheer brawl match that nearly broke a relationship...And a lot of bones in the process)

Maxtaro: (sitting with a hammer with a pair of nails between his teeth, bandages seen on his forearms and head) Alright... (observes the new window) New window, finally finished! ...Mr. Hino really didn't have the money to fix them himself huh? (sweat drop) That or he loves the free labor from me. (then a heel hits him in the back of the head) Ow!

Kyoko: (holding a tray of drinks, an annoyed expression on her face) Don't call my Dad a cheapskate.

Maxtaro: (annoyed) I didn't say that but whatever. (rolls his eyes) Hitting an injured man isn't good for your conscious.

Kyoko: Hey! And to think I was going to give you something to drink for your hard work!

Maxtaro: (surprised) Really? (then stares the glass of ice tea in fear) ...

Kyoko: (sighs) I didn't make it.

Maxtaro: (swiping the glass) Nice! (starts to gulp the glass)

Kyoko: ...I lied. (Maxtaro then instantly spits out the amount of tea he drank so far...Right at Kyoko's face) ...

Maxtaro: (shocked) Oh...Sorry. (sweat drop. Cuts to the two at the Dojo steps) I said I was sorry...Then again, you did lie.

Kyoko: (annoyed) Oh shut up. Just because I only took a few cooking lessons doesn't mean I can't make tea.

Maxtaro: Now that I think about it...That ice tea tasted strange. (looks away) At least I know why.

Kyoko: (glares and obviously pissed at that statement) What was that?

Maxtaro: (turns and glares) You heard me. (both growl at one another...Only to sigh)

Kyoko: This is pointless.

Maxtaro: Yeah...It really is.

Kyoko: ...Sorry I lied.

Maxtaro: Sorry I said the tea sucked...Wasn't too bad to be honest...

Kyoko: Thanks. (both then look at clear blue skies) You still have to repair the gym?

Maxtaro: Yeah, the school actually begged for my Dad to fix it. Course, he needs me and Kenshin to help him...Said it builds character...I'd say it builds up my annoyance as it kills my free time. I hate Principal Kisuke for the fact he even allowed this whole damn thing to begin with.

Kyoko: That's what you get for trying everything yourself and hey, at least you have the carpenter skills to do it. (hears a growl, smiling in the process) So, Nagase and Baku are out having fun while we're trapped doing this routine.

Maxtaro: Yeah...Hope they're not doing something stupid. (meanwhile, at the park)

Baku: Oh my god, that was a stupid movie. (groans, a palm on his face as he and Nagase are sitting on a bench) Maxtaro was right...

Nagase: I thought it was alright to be honest. That was kind of a scary lunchbox. (sweat drop) So...You wanted to give me something?

Baku: Huh? Oh right. (reach into his pocket) Worked on it a few days ago at the shop.

Nagase: ...It better not be a sharp object. (sweat drop. Baku then hands her a metal cylinder) What's this?

Baku: It's something to store your glasses in. I kind of thought it'll be nice to have something hard to protect them, given that your last pair...Weren't so lucky, I'll leave it at that.

Nagase: (opens the cap...Only to notice something) Is that my- (pulls out a pair of glasses, the frames themselves made of shiny metal)

Baku: Oh yeah, remember when Maxtaro tossed them and they were so messed up, you gave them to me? Well...I kind of decided to fix them myself, replaced the frames and everything with something stronger.

Nagase: (stunned) Baku...

Baku: Yeah, I think it's lame too- (Nagase then gives him a hug) Uh?

Nagase: (smiles) You can be so sweet...

Baku: ...I guess so... (with a small smile. Then a pair of girls walk pass them)

girl #1: Didn't you hear, there's some old Sailor Moon stuff at the Otaku Alley Store!

girl #2: Really? Who still watches that old anime-

Nagase: Omigod! (stands) new old stuff? We have to go!

Baku: Wait, slow- (Nagase then quickly drags him with one hand in a rush) Down!

Nagase: No time to lose! (cuts back to Maxtaro and Kyoko, still in slumps)

Kyoko: Those two are so lucky...

Maxtaro: What I would do just to go watch a movie...I saw a lame one recently too.

Kyoko: Yeah... (sighs) So boring...Say, Maxtaro?

Maxtaro: (lying down) Yeah Kyoko?

Kyoko: Why did you choose me over any other girl? (Maxtaro then upright sits up in shock) Uh, you okay? (sweat drop)

Maxtaro (thoughts): Where the Hell did that come from?

Kyoko: I know you since we were kids. You're truly a nice guy, even after the way your Aunt treated you.

Maxtaro: (annoyed) Yeah, let's avoid that subject. (grumbles) Crazy woman had to be related to me.

Kyoko: And yet I'm just a girl who...Well, can't do anything most girls can do...I mean, I had that feeling the ice tea was going to suck, no matter how much I deny it.

Maxtaro (thoughts): Crap, I shouldn't have said the tea was awful to begin with. (sweat drop)

Kyoko: So...Why me when it could have been any other girl...Even Nabiki?

Maxtaro: (an annoyed expression on his face) ...Heads up. (then annoyingly finger flicks her in the forehead)

Kyoko: Ow! (growls) What was that for?

Maxtaro: That's for asking a dumbass question. I don't have a real answer for that absurd question of yours, it's annoying to even think about that sort of thing for us guys. (grumbles) Almost worse as asking if that shirt makes you look fat...

Kyoko: I'm just asking...It's a legit question too. (looks even more baffled as Maxtaro seems to be fuming, mumbling about shirts of all things) This has to be some bad experience for you to get that hot headed. (sweat drop)

Maxtaro: I will say this Kyoko. I don't really want a girl that can do all those things you can barely do...I already want the girl that bails my ass out from bullies ever since she showed that Karate wasn't lame to me by planting her foot on some jackass's face. (touches Kyoko's hand) The fact she came to help me fight off a pair of love-ridden idiots in a cheerleader's brawl is proof enough I'll always got my eye on her, no matter what.

Kyoko: ...That was sweet Maxtaro, but kind of lame.

Maxtaro: (annoyed as he looks away in embarrassment) Hey, I told you these questions are things a man can barely give a straight answer.

Kyoko: (smiles) but it's good enough for me.

Maxtaro: Kyoko... (both then lean close...Only for a annoyed sound from the dojo gets itself heard)

Yuu: (annoyed) Ahem! (both then back off quickly)

Maxtaro: Uh, that was some decent tea!

Kyoko: Y-Yeah, thanks! (both laugh nervously)

Yuu: ... (points a finger) No funny business when I'm practicing.

Kyoko: Alright Dad.

Maxtaro: Right. (then leans close to Kyoko's ear) Your Dad is so freaky. He has to be related to some pissed off lion somehow.

Kyoko: Yeah. My Mom still denies that he may have crippled a mugger when he was in High School...

Maxtaro: Again, freaky. So, wanna catch a movie this weekend? Anything that doesn't involve a lunchbox and a theater I got banned from entry for a month, we're good.

Kyoko: I would love that. (smiles) You can be sweet when you're not being a jerk.

Maxtaro: You can be cute when you're not- (notices the blank stare from Kyoko) ...Forget I said anything.

Kyoko: Damn right. (then a lone figure appears in the yard) What the-

Nabiki: (dressed in a military uniform, armed with numerous air soft weapons) You may have saved my lovely Maxtaro, but that will not spare you from my wrath, Kyoko Hino!

Kyoko: (shocked) Wait a minute, how did she-But she helped you-What's going on?

Maxtaro: (also shocked) No clue...She truly is a insane person...Hell determined too to boot.

Nabiki: (fires a pellet in the air) True love knows no limits! I will gain your love, my lovely Maxtaro! (Yuu then goes outside to see what's going on)

Yuu: What the- (stares with a blank expression at the scene) ...Yeah, I'm just going inside for a drink, have fun. (leaves, a long silence of pure tension kicking in)

Maxtaro: ...And to think we were safe from her for a half a year. (sweat drop)

Kyoko: (growls) Yeah. (sighs and stands) Looks like I got no choice.

Maxtaro: I'll cheer for ya. (gets an annoyed look from her) What? We know it works.

Kyoko: ...I hate it when you're right. (smiles) Just keep the cheesy lines to yourself.

Maxtaro: (smiles) I will. Go get her, Wildcat.

Kyoko: Thanks! (rushes) It's time for you to get out of my yard!

Nabiki: Love is unstoppable, even for you! (Maxtaro only stares at the carnage that unfolds)

Maxtaro: ...Well, have I learn anything the last several days? (wonders for a few seconds) ...Crap, I missed out on actually doing school work these past several days! (groans as he...Really is missing the biggest point of this whole story other than missing out on doing actual school work...Sad. Give him a day to figure it out eventually!)

Nabiki: (caught in a headlock) Curse you and your man-like strength!

Kyoko: (annoyed) Will you just leave me alone? You stupid former cheerleader! Agh, this whole cheer leading crap couldn't resolve these issues? This sucks! (remember kids, cheer leading is serious business, but it won't get rid of your love rivals!)

The End

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