To my reviewers, to make up for the last chapter, I have decided to give you all a, "Still Suffering," treat. Here is a poem, written by my little sister. It is unbelievably good, and I am very grateful to her for supporting this story as much as she has. So, I hope you'll leave a review on what you thought about it, so that I can pass them on to her.

Guaradian Brother

Apples fall down from the tree,

And it looked right at me.

I miss the cold days I used to run,

Now I can't have any fun.

You took me away from my loving mom and dad,

And that which, makes me sad.

I didn't realize how much I loved my little Steve,

But all of the rest gave up on me.

Every night I put a knife,

Up to my throat to end my life.

But then I remembered your sad little face,

And that slows down my suicide pace.

And I know you love me so,

But the chances of seeing me is 100 to low.

But I still think of you, and that blue little car,

It makes me think that you're not so far.

I must go now, because I hear,

Dominic's footsteps coming near,

This is your brother Ryan,

I lived another day.

Wanting to see your face,

And I'm not lying.

I love you little brother.


Polly- Wow, that's so good. How did she come up with it.

Me- Well, she said she just started it out as a regular peom, but after the second line, decided it would be about Ryan.

Max- Why didn't you think of it?

Me- Because I'm too busy defending this story from the people who are trying to buy it from me!

Ben- Did he actually stick a knife to his throat everynight?

Me- Not, but that wasn't the point.

Ben- Ah, I see.

Me- Okay, hope you all enjoyed the poem. Please let my sister know what you thought. And please don't be harsh!