Stuck in nothingness.

Hanging upside down, being swung.

Second guessing whether I even lived at all.

Where there words I left unsaid?

Deeds I left undone?

The only ones who know are the ones I've left behind…

Maisie Mosse had only been dead twenty minutes before the ambulance arrived. They came down the street, lights flashing, sirens wailing, and it was all Mrs. Mosse could do to keep from collapsing onto the ground. Mr. Mosse, on the other hand, stood still as a stone. He was in shock, you see. He was the one that found poor Maisie, her wrists slashed, floating gracefully in the red-tinted, overflowing bathtub. It was a gruesome sight, and Mr. Mosse was handling it much better than anyone else who could have happened across it.

When they took her out, the body bag was a deep blue and damp from her wet body. Mrs. Mosse threw herself at the stretcher, sobbing uncontrollably. She had just lost her only child, and it was expected she would lose it so badly. Mrs. Mosse was a kind-hearted, plump lady, who had let herself go after childbirth. But she had never lost that light in her eyes, or that sunshine in her smile. Until now, that is.

It was a month later when they finally decided they had to sell that house. They never used the upstairs bathroom. In fact, they kept it boarded up. Maisie's room was also closed off, everything was just as she left it, and so they turned a blind eye and left the movers to do their job. Joey was one of those movers. He was just your average guy, with a wife at home who nagged about the bills and about the neighbors. This would probably be the only time something extraordinary would ever happen to him. He stood in front of the full length mirror, which had a pink wood frame, with his screw driver in hand. The last thing he had to do was pry this mirror off the wall. He wedged the trusty stainless steal screw driver between the wood and the drywall, and gave it a good yank. It didn't budge. Now, Joey is a big boy with six years of moving and construction work under his belt. And the mirror was attached to the wall with nothing but thin nails. But after two and half hours and three grown men trying desperately to pry it free, it stood exactly as it had earlier that morning…as it had when Mr. Mosses put it up for Maisie the previous summer. Since the owners of the house had already gone, the movers figured they could leave it, so they packed up their equipment, and drove all of Maisie's things to the local Salvation Army. All of it, except that full length mirror.