AN: If you like this script the sequel is Axiom returns and any feeback for it would be welcome.

Background: an eighteen year old girl is stood in front of a video camera. Her eyes are bloodshot and under them there are damps patches from tears. She is clearly young but she is far wiser then she appears. There is a backpack to the side of her with just a few of her belongings.


Lindsy 18: You touched my hand today (smiles to herself).You didn't mean to did. We were close and just for a split second I forgot everything. My heart fluttered (smiles wistfully). I had to stop myself from bursting with joy (she looks at her hand as if it is something to be treasured).You didn't just...smiled. (pause)Oh your smile and eyes, I look at your eyes and it's like I can just see into your deep soul. I could stare at them and just lose myself (she smiles and then remembers herself).

Please...please don't be mad. (Pause) I didn't mean to lie to you...not for so long. I... I just didn't know what to say to make it right. That's the thing it wouldn't be, we are just friends (pause). Once I'd told you we couldn't just go back to normal again (pause). This is how it always is with me...just friends...It doesn't matter I'm fine...being friends is great (pause) just friends (pause). love her don't you? I can see it in your eyes and that smile you show when you see her...I can see it's the same way I feel when I Don't be sad that I won't be here never really needed me anyway (pause) well you did once...just for a little while before (pause).

When you watch this I will have won't see me again...I'm...I'm not coming back (pause). I can' would be...I just can't. Please just promise me one thing...don't ever...ever think for even one minute that you aren't good enough! Not for anyone because you are...amazing and never forget that. I remember when you thought that you weren't and for a while deep down I thought that still needed someone to remind you (pause).

One last thing...don't let yourself get down when things don't work out...I...well you know what I mean (pause). I...I love you...I guess I always wanted to tell you that in person...well good...bye.

She switches off the camera and slowly picks up her things, glancing back at what she has left behind.

Lights fade out and the scene changes to when they first met.