- Lindsy 16/17 : The girl that is at the centre of the story line. She falls in love with Damien but is unaware of his 'secret'. She has little confidence in herself and is at first lost without Chloe by her side in lessons and situations. Due to this she dreams about Chloe and promises her one thing: that she will not forget her.

- Lindsy 18 : The narrator throughout and the present day Lindsy, who has decided that its time for her to leave him behind.

- Joe/Damien: The guy that Lindsy falls for but his heart belongs with Sara. He hides a

'Secret' from Lindsy and she will discover the truth.

- Chloe/'the girl': The 'secret' Damien is hiding; he was the stranger who came to tell Lindsy about Chloe's absence. What he didn't tell her is that Chloe didn't just disappear without help and he knows the truth. She is the figure in his dreams and Lindsy's, though she may not say much she has a great power over these characters.

- The teacher: The stereotypical English teacher or is she? She goes beyond the realms of a teacher to help push and drive Damien, as she sees 'potential' in him. She tries to act like the teacher who is strict and by the book but she lets Damien especially get away with absences from lessons and being late for school.

The class:

- Nikki: She is the girlfriend of the seemingly shy Luke. They tend to flirt in class (even the ones where they do not say anything).

- Luke: He is the boyfriend of Nikki, he gets embarrassed when they flirt in class.

- Jake: The jerk of the class who does not like Lindsy.

- Classmate 1: Chatty

- Classmate 2: Disruptive

- Classmate 3: Loose friend of Lindsy

- Classmate 4: Too shy/ quiet

- Classmate 5: Clever/ inquisitive


Lindsy 16/ 17:

- Casual/ normal: black skinny jeans, t-shirt and trainers (worn in all scenes except school and prom).

- School uniform: black trousers, a striped blue tie, a white blouse and black shoes (worn in all school scenes including corridor).

- Prom: Black and turquoise dress (above the knee), black heels and bracelet (worn only in the prom scene).

Lindsy 18:

- Casual/normal: denim or black jeans, a different coloured t-shirt to Lindsy 18 and trainers ( worn in all scenes expect for prom)

-Prom: the exact same outfit as Lindsy 16/17 (worn only in the prom scene).


- Casual/normal: jeans, jumper with a hood and trainers (worn when playing Joe plus the blonde wig).

- Casual/normal: jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket and trainers (worn when playing Damien in all scenes except for school and prom)

- School uniform: Black trousers, striped blue tie, white shirt, black jacket and black shoes (worn only in school scenes including corridor).

- Prom: Black suit with a purple flower, white shirt, black trousers and shoes.


- Casual/ normal: dress and leggings, black ballet pumps and cardigan (worn in all scenes except for school and prom).

- School uniform: black trousers, white blouse, blue striped tie, black cardigan and black shoes (worn in all school and corridor scenes).

- Prom: Black dress (above the knee), purple crop jacket and heels (worn only in the prom scene).

The class:

- Different versions of the others school uniform.

Props :

Video camera - Lindsy 18 (should be on a stand).

Backpack - Lindsy 18 and 'the girl' (including belongings etc).

The photo - One for Damien and one for Lindsy 16/17.

School bag –All school students and one that is slightly different for Joe (to make it obvious that he is Damien).

The stack of books - Sara and Damien.

Anthology book - The teacher

Prom tickets - Two for Lindsy 16/17

The set is down to interpretation but should represent the mood and atmosphere on stage. Lighting should also do this.

Note that in every scene which is set in the school (either the hallway or the classroom) all the class shall be present. Also any scene where there is mime of the passing of time between Damien and Lindsy , class members may be required to become the ensemble (which could also include other scenes not specified). The character Damien/Joe will need to note that when either name is mentioned that they are in that costume i.e when Joe is mentioned the costume will include the wig.