Background: A young women is stood by what appears to be a mirror. She is looking at it but her reflection cannot be seen. Her face is very, very pale.

(She is sat with her arms cradled) she recites: care-charming sleep thou easer of all woes, sister to death, sweetly thyself dispose on this afflicted princess. Fall like a cloud in Gentle showers. Give nothing that is loud, or painful to her slumbers; easy, light and as a purling stream, thou daughter of night, pass by her troubled senses. Sin her pain, like hollow murmuring wind or silver rain. Into the princess gently, oh, gently slide, and kiss her into slumbers like a bride (John Fletcher adapted).

(She pauses and stands up).

My mother used to cradle me in her arms and speak that poem (she pauses to reflect on the memory). She changed the words a little and as a child it made me feel safe and loved. (Pause) As I grew up she didn't speak his words as often and then not at all so... I spoke them to myself sometimes. In times of sadness and despair (pause) until... I could no longer speak in human tone and I became... I became this (she looks at the mirror but there is no reflection). Not human and not alive... part ghost but able to connect with humans through their minds. And a prisoner... a prisoner of my own doing (she pauses and again looks at the mirror as if expecting a reflection to appear). I once had a reflection... it wasn't much of one but at least it was one normal part of me. (Pause) I had possessions again not much but...I had things to call my own. I lost that right (Pause) and it's my own fault. (Pause) I wish I could be human one last time... Just so I could tell my family I love them. (Pause)Though I bet they are gone now to. (Pause) they didn't stick around long after... my passing. Thy mourned and then moved on.

We all have to go eventually like a perfume's smell goes out. It's still there...just you can't smell it or feel it there anymore. (Pause) I will always be here though trapped... insignificant being unknown to most except those who reach me in their minds. I whisper to them 'into this person the feeling of joy and love for those are what matters most. When times are bad this gift will be needed and to unlock it prove you can use it wisely (she smiles almost proud of herself and glides towards the door).