Background: A young girl is stood; she is pale and appears to be tired. The look on her face is one of frustration and despair.

I don't know what to do anymore or how to be (pause). Sometimes I just feel like the spectator and not the participant. (Pause) I know it sounds odd... but... it's true. I can be in the middle of a group of friends... but feel like I'm on the outside watching. (Pause) No one seems to notice... not really. (Pause) I guess it's my own fault (she pauses and thinks to herself). If... If I hadn't fallen then things would be easier (she looks at the audience as if she is having a conversation with them). Do you know what it's like? Have... have you ever let yourself fall for someone you're not supposed to? (Pause) I guess you haven't... (She seems to change).

Look... look straight into my eyes and promise that you won't... won't ever be like me. (Pause) I'm a shadow of a girl because I left it for all these years. (Pause) I mean look at me. What do you see? Nothing right? I'm not even really here. (Pause) I won't be for much longer. (Pause) they... they are coming for me. I can't stop them. (Pause) I tried... I tried so hard to... but they are not human. (Pause)Not really, they can't be just to take people and not bring them back. I'm weak... I've lost my way and that makes me weak, an easy target. Just... I... I will come back if they let my soul free. I will, to watch over him. I will never let anybody hurt him and... and if they do well... (She slightly smirks at the audience and then just stares at then, as if remembering what is coming for her).