Pigtails glistening brightly,
Light blonde strands perfected in pink lace,
A youthful smile gracing her lips,
Cheeks rosy and virgin
Like the ivory dress smoothly fitted,
A plaything you cherish

Light brown, hints of gold sparkling,
Tightened in a braid, slightly oily but soft,
Gloss painted strategically, hiding growth
Beneath a cherry sheen, shining simultaneously
With sneaker, white laces pristine,
A plaything you adore

Chocolate brown drenching cotton,
Call of sun too great, constantly energized,
Fighting to win, dirt dusting small knees,
Hidden by mesh, caking material in mud,
Pink training bra a stone, smiling sorrow and joy,
A plaything you change

Broad shoulders compact and hardened,
A weight bearing down, piercing eyes guarded,
Laughter pouring on cue, a greeting at the ready,
Perfect actions in open doors, no question
Of joy, a smile was in place,
A plaything you order

Haunted eyes, brushed off with sleeplessness,
Lashes darkened, acceptable to standards,
Dark curls tumbling free, not ideal to your dye,
Polish upon bitten nails, blank face no longer caring,
Time is ticking away, yours is up,
A plaything you use

A Mother's Doll 5/15/11

A/N: I based this off my relationship with my mother and it starts from age six to age fourteen going by two's. It gets a bit confusing, but I hope you enjoy it.

© 2011 by knownkonvict

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