I woke with my head on his chest, tangled up in the sheets and his body. It was almost comfortable until I started thinking. He was cold and he was limp and he was heavy as I untangled myself and nearly fell out of the bed. Graceful that's me. I headed for the shower after collecting clean clothes.

Halfway through my steamy shower I heard footsteps and then, "Girl, you better hurry up, we sort of have a situation." Great. Bastian wasn't even up yet and we had problems. Looked like it was gonna be one of those days. Yippee.

"What kind of problem, Zack?" I demanded. Zack gave a dramatic sigh that had me rolling my eyes but relaxing. Couldn't be that bad if he thought he had time to be all dramatic. "Zack?"

"We have incoming," Zack told me as I finished up my shower and shut off the water.

"Incoming what?"

"Pumas," Zack said slowly. Incoming werepumas. Oh goodie. How does that present a problem to vampyres you ask? Well, nine-tenths of the pride lived with us. And, usually, that was a problem in and of itself.

"Any vamps?" I asked, grabbing my towel and starting to dry off. Zack smirked at me.

"Vamps? At this hour?" Zack said in an amused tone. "Really, Dante?"

"Bite me," I muttered, stepping out onto the floor mat and finishing up drying off.

"If I didn't think Bastian would have my ass, I would," Zack teased. I rolled my eyes as I started to get dressed. Once dressed, I followed Zack back into the bedroom then out into the hall, then into the living room. Since I didn't see any new faces I had to guess they were on their way not currently present. It was then that I took a moment to realize Bastian would have my ass if I let a bunch of unknown shifters into his home while he was at his most vulnerable.

"Let's take this party outside at least, if not further from the house," I said to no one in particular. Kincaid, their Alpha, gave a nod.

"Yeah, I don't want a pissed off Bastian on our hands either," Kincaid told me with a grin. I shooed them on out of the house and watched them take off into the woods beyond the house as an unfamiliar SUV came up the drive. Once out on the porch, I saw Kincaid come up the porch steps out of the corner of my eye.

"Do you know who it is?" Kincaid asked.

"No, but I am starting to wish I remembered a gun," I murmured as the SUV parked and it's two occupants spilled out. Neither one of them was familiar to me. I glanced at Kincaid as they headed up the walk. "You know 'em?"

"Nope, but you're right. That gun couldn't have hurt," Kincaid muttered.

"Oh, now you tell me," I said quietly but dryly. Kincaid nudged me with an elbow. The pair was right in front of us. "Can we help you?"

"Our lord requires Sebastian's presence," the shorter of the two declared. Definitely should've grabbed that gun.

"I don't know who you're talking about," I said evenly.

"Our lord Erastus," the taller one clarified. I shrugged.

"Who's Sebastian?" Kincaid questioned. I choked on a smile as Kincaid continued to bullshit them.