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The room was eerily quiet as both of us stood illuminated by the fluorescent lights above the pool table. It was after class and both of us were still clad in our uniforms. He was going to teach me how to play, as promised, after I bugged him for the millionth time this week.

I watched as he lowered his body to aim, sliding his cue stick back and forth between his thumb and index fingers and then took his hit. The cue ball rolled forward, colliding into the red ball and making it roll right into the corner hole.

A perfect hit.

"Your turn," he said, giving me his charming smile.

"I don't know how to play remember?" I replied, holding my cue stick in my right hand.

"Come here." He wiggled his finger at me suggestively, motioning me to his position. I obeyed.

His left hand rested gently on my hip as he leaned his body against mine. The close proximity of our bodies made my heart skip a beat.

"You see that striped green ball? Hit that."

He used his body to push mine downwards so that I was bending and supporting my weight on my knees. He took my left hand and placed it on the table, showing me how to make a valley for the stick. Then, he slowly touched my right arm, moving downwards at a torturous pace and leaving tingles all the way down to my hand, which he took and the cue stick with it, positioning it between the valley my left hand formed. All this while, I wasn't even absorbing anything he was teaching me. My mind had wandered to a scene of me and him, on this pool table. Oh my god. My panties damped at the very thought.

He guided my hand, moving it back and forth. "Aim for the centre of the cue ball, okay?" I nodded.

His body was closer to my back now that we were both bending over the pool table. I felt something hard prodding my back and I smiled. He was every bit as turned on as I was, and I was definitely going to use this to my advantage later.

I tried as hard as I could to aim and then took my best shot. Surprisingly, the cue managed to hit the green ball into the corner hole too.

"Straight into the hole," he whispered into my ear, forming goose bumps on the area and I shuddered. "You have quite a talent there but trust me, I'm the best when it comes to putting stuff into holes."

I felt more juices surged out from my pussy. Oh, how he always made my panties wet with want.

He moved away from my body, the heat from his body immediately missed as the cool breeze of the room swept over my skin. I watched as he took another hit, entering another of his solid balls. He showed me how to take another shot and then, he took his turn again.

All this while, our bodies teased each other. He would rub his erection into my back and whisper naughty words into my ears. I, in turn, would slide my hand up and down along my cue stick suggestively, watching his face fill with lust as he imagined the cue stick replaced with a stick of another kind.

He leaned over me, helping me aim for the 8 ball and I made the shot. I turned my face to look at him, our faces only millimetres apart.

"Well, I guess that's the last ball," I said softly, my breath uneven as I anticipated what came next.

"There's another hole to fill, love." He breathed into my ear and to my surprise - and pleasure, he nibbled gently on my ear, making me moan.

Slowly, he kissed a trail from my ear to my jaw and then our lips crashed together in a heat of passion. We moved together in perfect unison, his lips ever so soft against mine and god, he tasted so sweet like honey; I could never get enough.

His tongue darted out, seeking permission and I opened to let him in. Our tongues played around in a dance only we knew as his hands slowly caressed my arms, our cue sticks long abandoned.

My hands found their way to his hair and tangled in it, pulling his face closer to mine. His hands left my arms and were now on my breasts, squeezing and massaging them in the way he knew I liked. I moaned into his mouth as we continued to deepen our kiss.

His fingers efficiently undid the buttons of my blouse, baring my boobs to him, clad only in a black bra.

"My favourite colour," he growled. "Damn, you've been turning me on the entire day, wearing that transparent white shirt of yours."

With that, he unhooked the clasp and my breasts sprang free. He continued groping one of them and put the other in his mouth. I arched my back towards him, giving him a better angle as he sucked on my nipples. I couldn't help but to moan aloud, his skills undeniably good. He then gave the same attention to the other side.

Looking into his eyes, it reflected mine; dark with lust and desire; I knew that he was not going to go slow anymore. He unbuttoned his shirt, eager to take it off but I stopped him.

"Leave it," I commanded. "I like it like that."

My hands reached for his belt buckle and unhooked his belt. The bulge in his pants was ever so obvious and it was begging for release. I smiled as I cupped my warm hands around his tent, eliciting a low growl from his throat.

I wanted to tease him more but the need to relieve the throbbing ache of my pussy to be filled by him overruled that decision. I quickly undid his zip and pulled down his pants with his briefs. His erection sprang free, stiff, proud and long.

I began to graze it lightly with my fingertips but he spun me around quickly, making me gasp. He pulled up my skirt, leaving them to bunch at my hips and then he pulled down my black panties, which were by now, drenching with my juices.

His fingers reached between my slits and found my wet core. "Oh yesssss.." I hissed from the pleasure and he from finding how wet I was for him.

He rubbed my sensitive spot and gave me the most intense pleasure. I arched into him, my head leaning on his shoulders and my legs feeling like they could not support me.

His fingers were damn skilled at what they were doing as I soon felt my peak reaching. "Ahh, yes, dear. I'm... I'm coming..." I said in stuttered gaps.

The waves hit me hard as I bit my lips to keep from shouting out. When I thought that the pleasure could not get any better than this, I was proven wrong as I felt him thrust his dick into me, filling me completely.

I let out a loud moan as my orgasm started again and he did too as he started moving in and out at a steady rhythm. I could barely catch my breath as he took me doggy style, hitting my sweet spot over and over again; my orgasm never seeming to end.

Then, he flipped me over so that I was lying sprawled on the pool table, legs spread with him still inside me. He grabbed my breasts as he started thrusting again; his eyes locked into mine. My hips pushed upwards to meet his every thrust, deepening the penetration and making me feel like coming again. Again? I thought. Oh...my...god...

My eyes started to close as the pleasure overwhelmed me but he said, "Look at me, love, I want you to look at me."

I opened my eyes to meet his. I could tell that he was close; his pace was getting faster and his muscles were tensing up.

"I'm coming, dear, I'm coming," he managed to say.

I moaned in agreement and met his frantic thrusts until we both cried out in our orgasms, our eyes never leaving each other's. The look on his face when he came was just too priceless.

When our orgasms ended, he leaned forward to kiss me. I could feel his heart beat rapidly against my chest, echoing mine.

He smiled. "You know what, my dear? Playing pool is now my second favourite hobby, right after making love to you on the table."

And I couldn't agree more.

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