Stop the dream from ending;
I didn't want to jump out—
wanted to stay on that very side
when it was of no use.

To hold on to a capsizing boat;
and go against the cascading falls.
You really meant everything in the world
to the me who was naive and stupid.

Maybe it wasn't love at first sight—
maybe you didn't even notice.
But I couldn't live a day without seeing you.
Right now, it's different.

Your absence dragged this darkness.
It created a massive hole—
my love for you dropped into it.
That deep, black abyss.

I tried harshly to convince myself
that I was still in love with you.
Listened to the many love songs
and tried to find reasons to love.

But with that dark hole devoured,
the love was swallowed in the pit.
I put my hand in desperation to find it—
but it was gone and never coming back.