The glasses you hide with;
and the fringe you deliberately grew.
You wanted to create a disconnection
between the world and you.

It grew from a simple insult
to a game of bullying the weak.
You soon grew tired of life;
but lived it all the same anyway.

You were afraid of death;
but also afraid of the terror life gives.
So you hid away your eyes:
which gave you the connection you deserved.

So tried, tried, tried-
this game of life was far too real,
far too much of a torture and
the fun was only one-sided.

Waiting; you were,
for someone to take the glasses away,
and move your fringe away;
so that you can see the world again-

but this time with a new connection;
the connection in which was unbreakable.
It was a bond and reason-
that never disappeared in time.