Potential truths fostering hope;
possibilities pondered, not acted upon;
proximity excruciating, un-touching.
Knowledge beforehand; doubt overreaching; staying alive.

Alone in the universal.
Massive made of the banal.
Juggling fantasy and cynicism.
Organizing my religion: "It's him."

All along I knew you
would die before the end
[then I wondered if dead
you always had been].

Still I prayed for you to
save me [from unholy absence],
and you came into my heart; at least:
That's what I let myself believe.

You're the one who needs me.
With you love is created.
Do you need me to ask?
With your blood you take everything.

I never felt you; then
I laid in hopeful waiting, but
I don't know anymore, and
so my life I live alone.

Broken and strengthened in myself.