A Sonnet About Death

Expedite you goodbyes, the end is near

As approaches the soul-sucking abyss

Death is your friend, you have nothing to fear

You can not escape him, his fatal kiss

Plunging into darkness, a light awaits

Your life is behind you, all your mistakes

Destiny before you, this is your fate

Promises to keep, decisions to make

This is now what your life is forever

But that's only coming, its not here yet

Strings binding you to life he shall sever

Times left so hurry; forgive and forget

Make amends in everything you do

Whatever's coming, it's coming for you

Four Ways of Looking at Death

Among the living

The only thing truly living

Is the dead

I was of three worlds

Life, death

And somewhere in between

People are living

People must be dying

I was dead all my life

I was dead

And going to die

Therefore I am alive

My Painful Existence

Im hidden away

Out of sight

A pitch black morning

A moonless night

A wave of hurt

Looms over me


Unable to breath

Existing without living

Doomed to be depressed and sad

Pain forever giving

Forever giving me

The Only Way

Death fills the air

Self-hatred and despair

Tears run down her bloody wrists

Thinking that she won't be missed

Hells fire is her escape

Knowing it's the only way

Gasping, wheezing,

Her final breath

In the end, she decides

The only way, suicide



Pushed aside

Slowly, painfully dying inside

Killed and crushed

Hated and scorned

Stood out among others

Lifeless and unborn

Only remembered as she was then

When she was happy, way back then

No one knows her now, and no one wants to

Unwanted and forgotten


Fear and doom is all I see

I never laugh, I never dream

All the others, they're all free

To live their lives, to simply be

Ripped and shredded

Pushed and shoved

Always hated

Never loved

I wallow in self-pity

These years are ones I'll rue

I hate myself and everything

I don't know what to do

Paths ahead

Twist and wind

Where I am

I can not find

I am lost

Where Have I Gone?

As I look into the mirror

I recoil at what I see

The person staring back

Looks a lot like me

But she's not

I'm gone, lost

Everyone's forgot

I can not find me

I have the same face and eyes

But they are just something behind which I hide

Lies… nothing but lies