I wanted you to know that

It's okay,

You can let go now.

We won't mind if

You slack off a bit;

You've certainly earned it.

Do what you want tomorrow,

And for the rest of your life.

Before you go, please

Do something for yourself, and

Enjoy it.

Because the hardest part is

I know you won't.

I say this knowing

What you'd tell me:

You need to work

To earn what you need to have.

Let me step in,

You can relax, because

You've already

Done enough.

And it kills me that you never will

Take a day off,

Do what you want to do

Even though we all know

You certainly can.

I apologize for saying,

"She can't just not come!"

You can skip out on

Whatever you want,

But you won't.

I know you thought about it

The entire night, but

You've told me you're sorry enough.

It's okay.

I promise.

Even though it means nothing.

Even though I know you won't listen:

You told me

You didn't care about the prize, but the

Moments. And tears

Came to my eyes.

Because no one else

Is as completely

Selfless as you,

And you're the one

Of all of us

That ought to think very highly

Of yourself.

Because, when I saw you,

And I heard you,

Making sure you got it to me,

I thought:

"That's the you I know."