follow me
Crossways from the shimmering aurora
Painting stripes across the sky
In fading ink; a remembered kiss

we'll dance
to music no-one else can hear
Cascading over sideways
From Io's frozen gate
paths deigned to cross
like stars collide.

In diaphanous fading silk
and warm winter winds
linger tiny fragments of chanting
stepping beat to beat throwing up midnight dust
around a raging fire

the hot-tempered tang of smoke in the air
I'll lead you into dewdrop spider webs
ankles tinkling with bells
twirling out of reach
catch me, keep me, pin me down

hands on hips in gypsy skirts
biting her lip in a wicked grin
clicking her fingers and the walls tumble down.
I'll take you to places you've never dreamed
cartwheels in the sky
and labyrinths underground

keep up, stay up, let your colours shine
listening to fairy music in the dead of night
dancing on the beach to hot summer siren songs
For rarely do wind and woman mate
In obeying the orders that spill from the hands of fate
but, she says, looking through lowered lashes -
you're free with me.
so learn to fly.

Once upon a lightyear
There are a thousand universes:
each with their own you
and me.

Adventures, music, quiet shared silence.
this is building castles in solid air
here's life instead.

this is my song to write, to sing, to dance. join me if you want, catch me if you can.