Chapter 1: A day in the life of Orla

The floor had just been cleaned. Orla had scaled every corner of Suite Z9x, mopping, scooping up remnants of dried alien ooze, watering the plants, and making the beds. She scurried to her room, shutting the door violently, and slowly dropping her body down to the floor, panting, and feeling exhausted. She took off her maids outfit and thrusted it aside violently and rebelliously, as if it were her worst enemy, leaving herself wearing nothing more than a bikini. It wasn't much longer before she could hear the voice of her supervisor.
"Orla, good job on the spring cleaning!" said Orlon. "May I come in?" he asked.
"Now might not be the best time. There's nothing left I have to do, right?" asked Orla in a sweet helpless tone. Orla put on an old worn out dress covered in mud, and told Orlon he could come in. So he did.
"Well, actually we've got some inspectors coming in from the Galactic Federation of Worlds," said Orlon. He continued, with a look of intense frustration. "They seem to think that our devices might be the cause of some of the recent radiation epidemics on the planets. It's all due to a certain way in which the energies are processed through the gadgetry. They say our devices may need to be taken away from us and replaced" said Orlon.
"That does sound serious Orlon," said Orla. "I'd hate to think that I'd be responsible for such a proliferation of powerful interplanetary pandemics," she sighed.
"I'd hate to think so too," said Orlon, gazing into Orla's beautiful sparkling blue eyes. "I never even got a chance to tell you that I-" Orlon froze in horror. He was interrupted by several knocks on the door, followed by a loud grumbly voice.
"We're here!" the grumbler yelled, whilst breaking the door down.
"Oh great. I'm not even dressed formally!" said Orla.
"It's okay Orla, it's cool. Here put on your maids outfit quick!" said Orlon, as he began dressing up Orla. He gave Orla a mirror so she could see herself.
"I look ridiculous" said Orla. Her blonde hair was frazzled.
"No, you look great. Give it your best shot girl" said Orlon, shoving Orla into the living room. Orla landed on the floor with a PLOP. When she lifted her head, she saw a big rough and tough burly looking inspector alien. He was purple skinned, had giant bug eyes, and huge muscular arms that could break even the strongest Martian man into two little bite size pieces. Needless to say, Orla was frightened. But she got up nonetheless, brushing the dirt, ooze, and gunk off of her maids outfit frantically.
"Well well well, if it isn't Orla, energy healer extrodinaire!" said the inspector. "My name is Kuzzah. But you can call me Zah. I've heard a lot about you Orla, and that you're considered the best employee here, yet I still must wonder if I am I correct in making this bold assumption?" he asked, looking at the cookie crumbs and mold on Orla's maid outfit.
"Yes, that would be correct sir. I am a Level C Power Planet Protector!" said Orla, giving Kuzzah a military salute.
"May I have permission to inspect the technology here?" asked Kuzzah.
"Right this way, sir" said Orla, leading Kuzzah to her room. Kuzzah made giant borderline apocalyptic sounding stomping noises as he walked, which shook the entire building. When he finally reached Orla's room he fell to the floor, pounding it with his fist and laughing repeatedly like a crazed hyena.
"You expect me to believe that's the device you transmit positive energies into?" said Kuzzah as he continued his manic fit of laughter. "HA! It looks like an IZM computer with giant snail eyestalks coming out of it. Is this a joke, little girl?"
"Well, actually no. This is the real device, the real shabeal!" said Orla, grabbing a thick heavy wet sponge, and cleaning off the rusty tech. Kuzzah pulled out a device that looked like a metal detector, and he began scanning the object to see if it was free of hazordous materials.
"What are the results, big boy?" Orla asked.
"Positive!" replied Kuzzah.
"YAY! I like positive things" said Orla, leaping for joy, her maids cap falling off and landing on Kuzzah's scaly extraterrestrial head. Kuzzah didn't notice it had landed on him. He then proceeded to yell at Orla.
"No, I didn't mean it like that. I mean the tests showed that this device scanned positively positive for hazardous side effects. When you transmute energy into this thing, it sometimes gets turned into hazardous materials, like space junk, pollution, and waste. You can't use this device anymore Orla. In fact, I'm gonna shut down this circus clown operation" said Kuzzah.
"Oh don't do that. I made tea and cookies for you" said Orla, her eyes widening and getting darker colored, attempting to look even more angelic than she already appeared. Kuzzah just laughed, finally noticing he had a maids cap on his head. He tossed it in Orla's face, grabbed the device, and left the room. A tear trickled down Orla's cheek.
"Don't you want this back? I don't need it anymore" said Orla, innocently offering back her maids cap. But it was too late. Orla could hear Kuzzah ransacking the entire place and taking every device out of each room. Orla tried to escape, but the door was locked.
"Let me see, do I remember how to walk through walls?" Orla wondered. She had read in her Z9x manual that all Zecturian beings could walk through walls. Since Orla came from Planet Zecturiah, she figured by this logic that she could walk through walls as well. So she tried. She backed up a bit from the door, focused her intent, and sure enough, it worked. Orla walked through the door and came out into the living room. She saw Kuzzah, who had pinned Orlon down to the ground.
"You're resisting arrest" said Kuzzah.
"And I keep telling you, you are not a cop" insisted Orlon.
"Hahaha, tough luck kid" said Kuzzah, snatching up Orlon and encasing him in a strange crystal using his mind powers. Orla could barely believe her eyes.
"He's not a kid. And what are you doing to him?" Orla asked.
"I thought I locked the door on you" said Kuzzah angrily.
"Well see, I happen to be a Zecturian, and I have these really cute magic powers!" said Orla in a high pitched tone, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously.
"Don't give me any of that cute stuff. I've done my job. I'm out of here" said Kuzzah, storming out of the building. Everything in Z9x was gone. The plants, the devices, the beds. Everything was gone.
"And to think I spent all evening cleaning this place up and making it tidy" Orla said to herself. "Positive energies being converted into pollution and waste? Yeah right. Fishy indeed, something isn't right here!" she concluded.