may 26, 2011

last night i found my heart hanging from
the clothesline outside. you'd taken scissors
& cut my heart out from the newspapers lying on
the kitchen counter & let it dry.

you'd left me in the other room
tangled in the sheets- your sheets-
smelling tasting touching you
you smelling tasting touching me
(& maybe i might have stayed another hour.
let us smell taste touch each other in
the shower, the tile walls our only
witness to this dirty crime: intrusion of privacy
because darling to be quite frank
i hated it [us] as much as you did)

while the blurred article headlines- wet
from coffee stains & being torn at the seams, cut
a p a r t- streamed into a puddle of red, shapeless letters
of a name my tongue did not know how to say
for fear this out of control nightmare of ours would

a/n: there's something about lonely nights and my lipstick on your face.