Made: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time: 1:12p.m

The lights go out and now I can't see
A chill in the air starts to grab me

A noise at the door's just a bump in the night
The ghost of you goes out of mind, out of sight

Hollow ashes bring a dim glow to the dark
Claws of ice grabbed ahold, made a mark

I bet I can feel the burn of a flame
A monstrous form is what I became

Only a rose will change the curse that I keep
Merely a kiss may wake me from my sleep

Loneliness is more than a word we hold dear
It's a face and a smirk and a voice that we fear

So remember that power grows insane in your mind
You'll fade, I'll forget you, just a matter of time

The darkness around me will soon start to rust
And the flames for you will turn to dust

Love's just not worth the dance in the rain
You've made me suffer so I'll share my pain