By: Bakunawa

1st Twist

-Sugar Baby-

My lifestyle's wild
I was livin' like a wild child
Trapped on a short leash
Paroled the police files
So yo, what' s happenin' now?

St. Michael's Academy

2nd year, Special Science Class A

Room 3-10

"Stay here for a moment. I'll make the introductions."

The middle-aged teacher went inside, leaving me here outside the cold quiet hallway. He actually looked hesitant despite his tall cold pointy-faced exterior. I could say he had looked about ready to bolt before he summed up all his courage to enter the classroom.

What was the deal? Why make such a grand intro when I could have just gone inside along with him. And he did not have to close the door on my face either. Now I have to wait here standing—for there were no chairs in this particular hallway—at 10:30 in the morning with only a potted weed to keep me company.


Why can't they just hold out until tomorrow? I mean, it's the middle of the school year and one more day missed won't make much of a difference, now would it? And it's not as if I would ever listen to class let alone attend it after the first day. I haven't step foot in a classroom for more than two years now.

Geez, this is troublesome... if it weren't for that bitch I call mother, I wouldn't even be here. This idea was just stupid. And then there was the old man. He's just too sweet for me to deny him. I don't know about other people but my paternal grandfather, crazy senile that he is, was just too dear to my heart that I could not say 'no' when he encouraged me to give a go at St. Michael's.

I'm not close with the crazy old loon, he lived too far away, but the few times that we got to interact had been my most cherished. I remember him freakin' hopping over the fence with me on his back to take a ride on a freakin' giraffe just because I quietly (and innocently, I may put) asked if he had ever rode a giraffe before. I was freakin' six and it scared the shit out of me when an entire battalion of zookeepers and security gathered around and chased us. It's funny now looking back at those memories. Gramps didn't do those anymore... though not that I am aware of any. But he's pretty ancient now and might be ready to kick the bucket anytime soon.

I can say I love the old man. So when I received that phone call a few weeks ago, I just couldn't say 'no', even though this is the most fuckin' craziest shittiest idea anyone could have come up with. And to think the idea came out of my own mother's ass. I always knew they were never in speaking terms but why, oh, why would those two collaborate now to have me here in this freakin' school?

The door to room 3-10 opened abruptly. "You can come in now," said the point-faced professor. What was his name again? Already forgot about it.

"'bout time..." I muttered, pushing away from the opposite wall I was leaning on.

He stepped aside, allowing me entrance to my personal hell for the coming days. "Welcome to Special Science Two A," he mumbled.

I paused in step. "Don't get excited. I won't be staying that long," I told him, to which he only smirked in response.

I stepped up to the front of the class, right beside the teacher's desk. To my surprise there was only about twelve heads in such a spacious room. This was it? I was thinking more of a cramped elbow-touching sitting arrangement like my previous school. They seriously consider this a class?

Heavy silence was reigning in this room. Awkward was the right term for this. And Awkward and I don't go too well. I waited for like forever for something or someone to just start. Wasn't I already introduced? So what's the hold up now? What's supposed to happen?

The stick-up-his-ass professor just walk by my back and sat on his chair with the smirk still plastered on his face. Jerk.

I looked back... no, glared back to the class. Mostly had there mouths wide open with the stupidest look on there faces when I came in. I heard a pen drop and it rolled in front of my right foot. The boy sitting at the last chair of the front row flinched when I turned my irritated glare at him. He was about ready to explode, all flushed red as a beat. I didn't give him another glance, ignoring his pen near my foot, and went back to the general body of the class.

"What? Haven't you seen a good pair of tits before?" And I do have a very good pair of mammary if I may say so.

A collective gasp and I can't help but grin evilly as professor crow-face literally fell from his seat.

"Miss Kinoka... such manner of words are no—"

"Yuuri," I cut him off with the deadliest glares that even puppies would die of being subjected to one, "my name is Yuuri. Miss Kinoka is the woman who simply gave birth to me and I do not want to be associated with her. So do please call me by my own name."

I went back to the class, addressing all twelve dick-shits. "Although I do not object to being called Yuuri-sama. Now where do I sit?"

This day, a sweet sunny spring day, was marked as the first day a lone female entered the prestigious St. Michael's Academy for Boys since its establishment almost 200 years ago. I don't like it as much as the next guy now, but to hell will I let anyone win over me. I swear that every single one in this freakin' academe will know my wrath. I will rule over this school, bring all to their knees, and then will I destroy them. No one will escape with mercy.

My name is Yuuri. I'm a girl in an all-boys school. Hell is going to break loose.

To be continued...

note: Intro script taken from "Butterfly" by Crazy Town