Life is good,
Don't complain,
Because you don't,
Know the pain,
That some people face,
From day to day.
The pain they wish,
Would go away.

Life is grand,
So look around,
Enjoy the peace,
That you have found,
Life your life,
At least for now.
Love your family,
Make them proud.

Life is hard,
For everyone.
You should know,
It's not all fun.
Face your problems,
Never run.
Fight your battles,
Stand up strong.

Life is short,
It goes by fast.
No matter what,
It doesn't last.
Enjoy it all,
While you can.
Don't look back,
To regret your past.

Life is fun,
Though not for long.
Smiles gained,
Laughter gone.
It all goes by,
We don't stay young,
But slow it down,
You're not quite done.

Life is fast,
A pace quite quick.
So slow it down,
For just a bit.
Smell the roses,
You'll benefit,
From the simple peace,
Of one moment.

Life is good,
Life is grand,
Life is hard,
Life is fast,
Life is short,
Life is fun,
Life should be lived,
By everyone.