Summary: "Love, why aren't you asleep?" Christian looked over to his lover standing at the doorway, looking tired as he regarded him, "I felt lonely."

It was night, and Christian still couldn't sleep.

He gripped a porcelain cup as he lifted it to his lips, small lips puckering as he blew the steam away from his cup as he sipped the tea, not wincing at the temperature of the tea as he placed it down again, his fingers tapping the glass table as he stared at his manicured hand, wondering what to do now.

It had been five hours now and he still couldn't sleep, and Gregory was currently sleeping himself so Christian didn't want to bother him and let the poor man sleep seeing as today was rather hectic for the doctor.

Gripping the handle once more, he brought the cup to his lips, blowing at it gently before sipping daintily, savouring the taste of the Earl Grey as he frowned against the rim.

To be honest, he had no idea why he couldn't sleep- tomorrow was Tuesday and he had a day off after today and his body should be more than willing to let him sleep, however it just didn't seem to want to co operate with him tonight.

His thoughts went back to Gregory as he took the teaspoon and began to stir his tea with it, smiling at the thought of the man as he continued to stir the tea. He and Gregory had actually met five years ago when he was just merely shopping and Gregory seemed to be looking for a painting that would make him endorse in his home much better, and Christian, being the art freak he was, was able to point out some good paintings for him in which he had then seen the loveliest smiles ever when the man also seemed to approve with him.

At that time, Christian was just coming to grips with his homosexuality and he really, really hadn't expected to fall heads over heels for a man already; so he was more than surprised when three years ago Gregory had just come and told him outright that he was homosexual and that, frankly, he wanted to fuck Christian over a desk (to put it in his words).

He was more than willing to let Gregory do him, really; he was. More than willing- he repeats.

And, well, from then on it just escalated.

He felt an elated grin come unto his face as began to actually drink the tea now, humming a song to himself as his joy was becoming apparent from the signs he was showing.

So, why couldn't he sleep?

His joy left him as he began to contemplate, his fingers tapping the empty porcelain cup as he set it down.

He didn't hear the sounds of footsteps or the door being opened as he was deep within his thoughts, jumping suddenly as he heard the fatigued voice of his lover from the doorway, "Love… why aren' you sleepin'…?" he questioned, the tired black haired and green eyed doctor looking at him with a worried gaze, "Somethin' wron'…?" Christian shook his head limply, "No, I just felt lonely dear. You should go rest, you are still sore after all…" Christian couldn't help but give a smug grin at Gregory's annoyed look, before it turned gentle and loving.

The tired (shirtless) man dragged himself over to Christian, taking a chair and swinging it beside Christian's chair, the man wrapped his slim arms around Christian as he cuddled into his neck, his nose brushing the back of his ear, "You know 'm here for you, right?" the tired man said- his voice whispering over the sensitive ear and Christian shuddered from the feeling. "I didn't want to bother you…" He said, congratulating himself on having his voice stay steady.

The doctor merely grinned and moved his head down to kiss at the expanse of his exposed neck, "I'm not tired anymore love, rather; I'm horny and I want to get revenge on you."


This was a much better idea than sleeping… "Do your worst!" Christian challenged, and he knew from the big and smarmy grin on his lover's face that he was going to be in for a very, very long night.


Author's Note: this is for Sora-chan. What? Did you expect SEX? Psssh, no way! ;D Enjoy.