Author's note: continuation of where I left off. This was written for tolerate. (:

"I'm not going to be gentle with you, love." Gregory purred as he wrenched Christian's head over to him and forced him unto his lips by the back of his lips, Christian giving a loud gasp as he felt teeth dig into his lower lip and he could only shake as he was forced more unto the man's mouth as his tongue shoved itself in, Christian's own tongue raising up to fight against Gregory's.

The tongue moved everywhere, evading his own tongue as it rubbed and stroked his now passive tongue and the walls of his mouth- and the steaming muscle continued to move and press into his mouth until he felt that his breath was being ripped away from him, swallowing in large gulps of air as Gregory separated their mouths, the smarmy grin still on his face.

He gave a loud gasp as he was forcefully lifted up and shoved down unto the table- the action done so quickly that he felt a bit dizzy- the doctor murmuring words of pleasure as he yanked his trousers down, and he writhed on the table from the burning, searing gaze upon his underwear and he was about to bark at him to get on with it until he saw the man fall unto his knees and press his lips against the small bulge of his semi-erect member.

He gave a cry of surprise as he felt a hang grip his member and stroke it through his underwear, giving a loud moan as his member was angled towards the man, and his eyes widened when he saw his lover open his mouth and clamp around his covered tip, giving a cry of surprise as he felt the wet cloth of his underwear stroke his sensitive member, not being able to actually believe that his lover was doing this as he continued to play and lick at his tip like it was some sort of ice cream.

He continued to writhe and groan as he felt the man lapping the underside of his member, the precum leaking out and unto the already wet underwear. The sensation of the silk caressing him delightfully as he continued to writhe and shake, "C-cumm… cumming… I'm cumming!" he called out weakly, and his voice turned into a loud cry of disappointed as the man removed his lips, looking painfully smug.

"Who knew you were so kinky?" Gregory said, but his own voice sounded breathy from the sounds that Christian was giving away, and Christian gave him a glare and Gregory himself gave a loud noise when Christian pounced unto him- his hair fanning him like a halo as Christian regarded him- the table being knocked down from the force of Christian's pounce as the blond man looked at the black haired man underneath him with a dark smirk.

He pressed his hands against his throat, and Gregory stiffened then relaxed as he gave in to being submissive for this part, and Christian nodded approvingly as he moved down the male, kissing the already revealed expanse of flesh as he licked and laved and praised his body with his tongue and teeth, his mouth moving over to an already stiff, brown nipple as his tongue circled it, causing the doctor to gasp as the nipple tried to tighten even further, and Christian took the knob in between his teeth as he rolled it with his tongue.

He felt hands grip and claw at his back; he released the wet nipple, his thumb rubbing at the pad of the nipple, removing his thumb and he moved down to the pants as he raised an eyebrow at the fact that his trousers were actually jeans, and he looked up at the doctor and the man just gave him a look that explained everything.

Gripping the zipper with his teeth- he watched the zipper fall apart and a large grin came on his face as he saw that his lover had no underwear on and that his dick was elongated and covered with the pearly liquid as he pressed his lips against the slit of the penis, his tongue slipping into the leaking slit, and he felt his own member jerk as he heard his lover give a rumbling whine from the feeling.

He opened his mouth and he continued to move his lips down unto the engorged member, moaning against it and he gave a loud growl of surprise when he felt Gregory grip his head and then shove his dick into his mouth; a grip that was suddenly too strong onto his head as the turgid flesh began to thrust in and out of his mouth, his member leaking like crazy as he was being skull fucked by his lover.

In, and out, it kept moving in and out, in and out- "Fuck!" He heard his lover swear and he was forcefully shoved off of Gregory's dick and then shoved away from the table to a somewhat more open area.

Christian's underwear was ripped off from his body, Gregory lifting his legs up and placing it nearby his face, lips kissing underneath his knee before lowering it and spreading it- lifting up his lover's hips as he stared at the hole, giving a coo as Christian tensed and the hole clenched; winking him seductively as he did that. "How adorable…" Gregory purred, lifting Christian's lower body up a bit more as he moved down to his hole, Gregory purring and kissing the hole that clenched once more.

"G-Gregory! W-what are you— Nuh!" He felt Gregory bite down unto his hole, before kissing it once more as if to apologize, licking the rim as he tried to comfort Christian that was still writhing and shaking, and he moved his head away and Christian calmed down significantly once he moved his head away.

Gripping his member, Gregory aligned it with his entrance and he shoved himself inside without preparation or warning, making Christian give a ragged shriek, his hands smacking down upon Gregory's back and clawing and digging into it as he flailed around, trying to grip unto himself and he gave a wail as he came messily between him and Gregory seeing as he was already close to orgasm due to the foreplay that they went through.

Gregory didn't stop though- he continued to spear himself into Christian's sore walls, pressing his lips against his neck savagely as he bit and sucked on it roughly; as if trying to mark Christian as his completely- and Christian, finally willing himself to do something, clenched down upon Gregory and that did it for him.

The doctor stilled, his hands gripping tightly down upon the limbs of the male as he shrieked himself, filling his lover with his semen as Christian groaned from the hot, hot, hot fluid slicking his sore inside and Gregory removed himself, collapsing down upon Christian.

"Fall asleep, love, I'll be here." Gregory cooed after they both calmed down, and Christian lifted his arms and legs wearily and wrapped around Gregory, pressing his head down into his neck as Christian closed his eyes, finding himself immediately asleep as he felt comforting kisses against his neck.

He was going to have to give Gregory a piece of his mind soon-
Or, well, in the morning…