I've got my whole life planned in front of me.

I know exactly who and where I wanna be.

But sometimes the pressure of performing gets to me.

Chasing a dream on your own can be very scary.

But I know I'm never alone.

Maybe I don't have a friend over the phone

But there's my God out there looking out for me.

And I believe God will never let me fail.

When I'll need help, God will send me an angel.

When the times get rough, some hand somewhere somehow

Will reach out and grab me, I'm confident.

God will not let me down after all my devotion, my efforts,

And all the time and energy I've spent.

I've been working too hard for too long.

I took a few wrong turns but now I'm standing strong.

So I know God will make sure nothing goes wrong.

I will be winning as long as I remember where I belong.

Sometimes my belief in myself quivers,

Nervous anticipation attacks my spine with shivers.

But I always believe in my God, so I know

That I can do it, God never lets me let go.

When I wanna give up, God makes me stubborn.

I know I won't let my dreams crash and burn.

It's almost the end, I'm almost at the finish line.

I'm scared- what if I can't make that future mine?

But there's no use of worrying and doubting.

I should work hard silently instead of shouting.

On days I'm terrified that I would fall,

That I won't make it, that I'll lose it all.

Losing is not an option so I have to give it all I've got.

Good thing that my heart remembered what I forgot.

So now I'm back, with so much hunger that it's turned me crazy.

I don't care if my back hurts and my limbs break, no time to be lazy.

Anything and everything else will have to wait.

This is a battle between only me and my fate.

Of course I'll still cut myself some slack.

But no time to deviate from my goal-

I can't let go, can't let it all fade to black.

I've climbed up so high that if I fall now I'd break my bones.

Which is why I can't let go, I need to hold on, even when I'm all alone.

I can't be scared of failing anymore.

The passion in my heart won't be ignored.

I want myself back; I want everything that used to be mine once.

I have to do it now; life doesn't give you a second and a third chance.

No time to stop and question myself.

I gotta keep going, God will help…

A/N: I'm so scared, I can't describe it. But seriously, I'm done with failing miserably at English. Back to my world of science and Math :P