I've never been so nervous.

The music starts playing; people turn their heads to see me. A red carpet has been rolled out, beautiful white petals are scattered all over it. I steadily yet gracefully walk down the aisle.

I remember it just like it was yesterday.

I was ten at that time.

I was in a race. I was running- Running as fast as I could. I could see the finish line just up ahead. Suddenly, another kid shows up and shoots straight ahead of me.

I run faster.

I must've been running really fast because the next thing I know I was on the ground- And the other kid just reached the finish line. I had scraped my knee and I burst out in tears. My dad comes and picks me up from the dirt and the boy- The boy, with the trophy in his hands, just stares back at me with his big eyes.

My dad gently pats me on the back and tries his best to comfort me. He places me down on a bench and my mom comes rushing in with a first aid kit. When I was finally done crying, I look down and admire the pink polka-dotted band-aid that my mother had placed.

I was watching the other kids playing a game of tag when a boy came up to me. It took me less than second to realize that it was that kid from the race.

"Hi!" he said cheerfully, maybe a little too cheerful.


"I saw you crying-" he started. He's going to make fun of me, I thought.

But instead, he said, "And my friends and I are wondering if you wanna play tag with us."

"Are you asking me to play tag with you?" Maybe I heard wrong.

"Yeah, I am!" he happily replied.

I didn't know what to say. I just stared back at him.

"What are you staring at?" he laughed. "Come on! The game's about to start!" he shouted, pulling one of my arms.

And before I knew it, I was running again.

I made a great friend that day.

My eyes look straight ahead and I see him.

Yeah, I remember it just like it was yesterday.

Two kids playing tag...

Two teens going through their fist year in high school...

Two friends graduating college...

A man and a woman getting married.