Thank you so much for the timely heads up

Cause you know, I was already stupid enough.

I swear I was headed towards a bigger heartbreak.

Thank you so much for making my world shake.

And congratulations, you did it to me again-

That too, just when I thought I was free from pain.

But thank you, the mess could have been bigger.

I didn't see it coming this time either, so figure!

I guess I'm completely blind,

I forgot the pass I left behind,

Let new hope deposit on my mind.

And congratulations you did it to me again,

Thanks though, now I'd listen to my brain.

I guess I shouldn't wear my heart on my sleeve.

People just stomp all over it in the world where we live.

So no need to feel bad for me, or whatever.

You actually did me a great favor.

And now that you've played your card-

It's time that you get your reward.

You're losing me; I'll never open up to you again.

All the conversations we had were just in vain.

I will never tell you what I'm thinking-

I'm fighting back these tears, will keep on blinking

Because you are not worthy of even a single drop.

I thought you were different, but…. Just stop!

I don't need a shoulder to cry on, I'm self-sufficient.

I still can't believe this is how it all went!

But it's over now; just stop this thought-train.

And congratulations, you did it to me again.