By now I definitely know that life is not a fairytale.

I better get the walls back on, better get inside my shell.

Or my heart will break by dropping to the cold hard floor.

I better get the walls back on, better shut all the doors.

A few smiles and maybe a bit of laughter

Is not worth all the tears that come after.

The more vulnerable I am, the more I get hurt.

This happiness will end in pain if I let it start.

It's better to keep my emotions to myself.

I'm a stronger person when I don't seek help.

I have spent most of my life all alone anyway.

Who needs friends to keep you insane everyday?

I'm a get-going girl, I should stay selfish.

Friendships don't last, they are all blink and miss.

It's all just an illusion, like a mirage in a desert-

Fills you up with hope and then breaks your heart.

Just when you start to think everything's perfect,

Just when you loosen up thinking it can't be wrecked-

Something shatters the mirror that you've been looking at.

The fleeting image disappears and you can't bear that.

You search for it in your heart, only to find it emptier than before.

Now you see why I don't wanna do this anymore.

Nobody can accept you with your flaws, you see.

I haven't met a single person who'd let me be me.

If I get snarky, I would lose everything that's at stake.

Now you see why I don't wanna repeat the same mistake.

So I'm okay with a confined, restricted image that isn't real.

I better get the walls back on; never let them know how I feel.

I'm perfectly okay with my emotions bundled inside.

I better get the walls back to survive life's roller-coaster ride.