Dear whoever you are,

If you are reading this, I guess you might be in the same boat as me. You are lost, scared and have agreed to do something that you don't want to do, so you can go home. If you haven't and are here by choice then just put this back because it's of no value to you.

This is my journal and your survival guide. I have multiple notebooks scattered throughout this building and in other places. To find them look for the symbols I've left behind and use the notebook you have now to follow the clues of where it may be.

I hope that what I will write down will help you, and hopefully by now it has helped me. I will do my best to write everything I know down because if at least one person can escape then hopefully others will follow. To start this I will give you the basic rules that should help you survive.

1 Don't let anyone find this

2 Don't attract attention to yourself

And the most important rule you should never break under ANY circumstances

Don't trust anyone but yourself.


The girl smiled. As she watched the ink dry, she couldn't help but imagine how angry would any of the Watchers be if they saw this. She was breaking the rules, not to mention using a forbidden language, even a dead one from her world was not allowed. Not that she cared anymore; it had been a very long time since she had cared.

The girl tensed and broke from her nostalgia as the sound of boots came down the hall. Dammit…They're almost here… Giving the letter one more careful blow, the girl quickly placed the letter at the front of the folder before tying it up and hiding behind the brick. It had been a pain to remove it, and an even bigger annoyance to place the ornate "E" onto it.

She then blew out the candle and watched as the familiar darkness covered her as she ran back to her room. Praying the next person to find it would be someone that would need it.

A/N: I know these are annoying and you probably will skip this but I just want to point something out. This story will be done part Journal and part third person POV. Also this will be done from the point of view of "Eleutheria" (points to who can guess the meaning!) leading up to when she came up with the idea. I am also looking for a beta reader since this is my first time putting up a story for all to see. Most of the time I do fanfictions (which should be up dated over the summer) so any help would be appreciated. Well se you all at chapter 1!