Allow me to speak
Listen, those who read
And tell you of a plight
That society breeds

To be young
Is to be naïve
To be old
Is to be arrogant

To be black is
To be incompetent
To be white
Is to be a bigot

To be successful
Is to be conniving
To suffer failure
Is to be inept

When we thought it to learn...

To be a woman
Is to be a slave
To be a man
Is to be simple

To be our own
Is to be unaccepted
To be like another
Is to lie

To have emotion
Is to be weak
But having none
Is to be dead

If I can't be young...
What am I?
If I can't be me...
Then who am I?

We can't be young
So we can't live
We can't be us
So at edge, we have nothing