The two huddled close on the small park bench, their faces shining bleakly in the fluorescent light of the street lamp against their dark surroundings. They gazed out at the large space before them, so still, so empty in the night, its walkways devoid of the usual slew of mothers with small children, joggers with mp3 players, bums hunched against the trees dressed in dirty layers of clothing. Now there was nothing, the only noise the soft rush of the water fountain in the park's center, and the slow, even sound of each other's breathing.

A gentle breeze blew softly, caressing the couple's faces, and the girl's coppery hair blew across the male's cheeks in long, silky strands. He held himself still, enjoying the tickling sensation without bothering to brush it away. She smiled, and pressed herself closer to him, her head against his shoulder, her body near his side. His eyes glowed, as much as anyone's could that were as dark as his were; a color nearly black, devoid of nearly any pigment. He adjusted his arms more securely around his companion, one hand gently caressing her neck.

Their silence carried on for another few minutes before he spoke, his voice low, throaty.

"It's a beautiful evening, Relic."

When Relic did not respond, he continued, still tenderly stroking her neck.

"The soft twinkling of the stars… the cool breeze on our faces… the peaceful silence-"

"I get the point, Isaiah," Relic interrupted, her voice higher, melodic and quite amused. "You're not exactly subtle."

"Whatever do you mean?" Isaiah asked her, seemingly puzzled. " I was merely pointing out how exquisitely lovely it is tonight-"

"Oh please, baby," Relic snorted, the sound incongruous with the lyrical quality of her spoken voice. "I know you by now, and you don't do poetical observations unless it suits your purposes." She pressed herself even closer to him, her head pressing hard against the outline of his shoulder.

"You don't have to try and make conversation, Isaiah. It's a waste of your time and effort. We both know by now it's your way of easing into a female's pants."

Isaiah shook his head, chuckling in a low murmur. "Impossible, Relic- you're wearing a skirt."

They both glanced at the long leather covering Relic's legs, and she laughed in spite of herself, pulling away from him enough to shove at his shoulder.

"All right, smartass," she retorted, smiling widely. Her teeth gleamed in the light of the street lamp, nearly seeming to glow, give off light of their own.

"All right, what?" Isaiah persisted, his arms still around her loosely, his dark eyes shimmering as they locked upon hers. "All right, I can skip the romancing and ease myself into your pants- excuse me, up your skirt- without all the hassle of trying to be sly about it?"

Relic chuckled, and one pale hand went to Isaiah's neck, caressing it gently, much in the same way he had done so with hers.

"My, so eager," she purred. "Such a naughty boy, Isaiah."

"You didn't answer me," he pointed out, a kind of anticipation marking his voice along with amusement.

Relic smiled slowly, and he grinned as well- he could never keep from doing so at the sight of Relic's smile.

"Are you asking if you can sleep with me,Isaiah?" she asked teasingly.

"Well, not exactly sleep…" Isaiah amended, his grin widening. "But share sleeping quarters, yes…"

Relic's smiled widened as well, and she laughed, the sound nearly as musical as the ringing of a bell.

"Don't you think we'll be awfully crowded- or is that what gives you such pleasure to think about?"

Isaiah laughed as well, his wide smile growing as the images filled his mind. Crowded or not, he could think of nothing sexier.

"No need to answer," Relic smirked, correctly interpreting his facial expression. "I can see from your face that's part of the charm for you."

She leaned in close to him, her cool breath caressing his cheek… he leaned forward almost against his will, his lips meeting gently with hers. They kissed again, and his mouth opened, his lips parting hers…

"Shit," he muttered, as once more, a slight problem cropped up. "Our damn fangs keep getting in the way…"

Relic frowned in annoyance too, but quickly smiled, her face growing opague in the light.

"Don't worry about it, there are other places we can kiss," she said mischievously. "Come on- the morning comes like a thief in the night, if I dare to quote such words as those from the Bible. And you wouldn' t want to miss a tour of my sleeping quarters, would you?"

Isaiah smiled once more, as he envisioned the future scene; he and Relic, entangled in each other in the narrow space of her coffin, no light to distort their perfect night vision.

"I wouldn't miss it for eternity," he asserted, and Relic laughed.

"I'll hold you to it."

Together they arose, and Isaiah's hand went gently to rest on the small of her back, guiding her unconsciously in the manner of a gentleman- a gesture even older and more timeless than he himself. They walked side by side, away from the light of the street lamp, the deserted park before them… their footsteps were silent, gliding, and as they disappeared into the shadows, their bodies cast no shadows of their own.