This is an english assignment of mine. I've already handed it in, but I would like to hear what other people think about it. It was writen as a responce to Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Please enjoy.

Boys. The one topic every teenaged girl thinks about whether she can help it or not; even her, Evalyn. All she could think about was Anderson Arwel. He was the coolest, most handsome boy in the twelfth grade and every girl was in love with him. It seemed that ever since puberty hit, the boy to crush on was Anderson, or Andy as everyone called him. As long as Evalyn could remember, she was always watching him, always thinking of him, trying to understand who and what he was. Now she knew. He was a sports loving guy, who had a great sense of humour and good grades. All this was known by the girls of her class. Liking Andy was almost the law in her grade, and even in some of the younger grades too. Evalyn sighed as she stared at him. She wished she could be one of the girls crowded around his desk in that cluster, but she was content watching from the back of the class. Even from there, she still felt like she was part of the group; a part of a civilization that lived by the light and shadows cast by Andy.

Sadly, the final bell of the day rang and Evalyn was forced to tear her eyes away from Andy. She dragged herself to her locker and opened it half heartedly. She would give her right arm if Andy would just talk to her.

"Hey." She jumped at the voice from beside her. It's was Andy.

"H-h-hi." Evalyn stammered.

"You're Evalyn, right?" he asked through a smooth and cocky grin.

"Yes." She squeaked as he leaned on the locker next to hers.

"Well, there's this party going on tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come?"

Did he really ask what she thought? Was the Andy Arwel asking her out on a date?

"Sure!" Evalyn blurted out, her heart almost leaping out of her chest.

"Okay then. I'll pick you up at seven outside the school." Anderson then coolly walked over to his friends where they all started laughing wildly.

Evalyn's heart was skipping beats as she turned into her locker. She held her hands over her mouth as she hyperventilated. She was going out on a date with Andy to a party! Maybe they would end up being boyfriend and girlfriend. Oh how exciting that would be! She gave one last squeal to her locker before grabbing her bag and heading home.

In the cool early spring air Evalyn waited. The night air circled her as plumes of her warm breath floated into the sky. She looked at her watch. It would be seven in just a few minutes. The girl couldn't hold herself down and was nearly bouncing in place. The cold air around her was melted away from the sparks of excitement in her chest. She had her cutest outfit on and couldn't wait for Andy to complement her. Soon the trademark car of Andy's drove up and the passenger door swung open.

"Hop in." The driver instructed, and Evalyn climbed in next to her date. For some reason Andy was quiet during the drive, but Evalyn didn't mind. Maybe it meant that he was shy, just like her. It wasn't long before the car pulled up outside the house where the party was hosted. Anderson got out of the car and Evalyn followed suit. Inside it was loud and crowded. Evalyn tried to move closer to Andy but he slipped out of reach and headed into the kitchen. Evalyn hadn't gone to a party like this before. Her only experience was with the school dances that were heavily chaperoned; but this was different. She could smell the alcohol in the air and people were dancing closely to each other. Very, very close. She turned away and tried to find a different route to the kitchen. As she pushed past other kids she became slightly panicked, but she assured herself that Andy would be there waiting for her. At long last, she had fought her way into the kitchen, but she couldn't pick out Andy from the faces she saw. Now the heat was starting to get to her. All those bodies packed into the house were dancing and perspiring, making it hot and humid. She felt dizzy, so she took a drink from the table. The aftertaste had a bit of a burn to it and so she tried to head to the basement.

It wasn't any better downstairs. The air was filled with smoke from various drugs and cigarettes and people were "sucking face" for what looked like endless periods of time. Evalyn was starting to get sick to her stomach and her head was spinning even more now. She needed to find Andy and go home. Just before she turned to leave, Evalyn saw a familiar face. It was a girl in her class. In fact, it was the one girl in her class who didn't have a crush on Andy. It was Colleen Jaga, a girl with short, soft, white blond hair and blue eyes. Colleen had a cute face and wore cute clothes, but even then the kids in her class didn't like her. Something about Colleen was odd. The girls then locked eyes for a split second, and Evalyn wondered why the kids in class were so mean to her. Suddenly Evalyn's head started to sway and her vision was swimming, so she returned to the ground floor and looked for a spot to sit. She found one, next to Andy . . . who was French kissing with one of the popular girls. Evalyn was stunned; she wanted to run away but instead her legs carried her over to the couple and her voice betrayed her, demanding to know what was going on.

"What? Did you really think I would go out with a dork like you?" Andy answered with a sneer.

"Then…why…?" She gasped unable to breathe.

"It was a dumb dare the guys forced on me." He smirked. "Good luck getting home," Andy added, before turning back to the other girl and vigorously began making-out with her.

Evalyn didn't know what to say. Thankfully her legs decided to obey and she was soon scurrying into the nearest closet to hide. Hidden deep within the coats she felt safe again, but this peace was shattered again when the door opened and closed quickly from someone coming inside. She just knew that it would be a couple looking for a private place for a game of 'Seven minutes in Heaven'. She could only hope it wasn't Anderson and the girl he was with.

"Evalyn." A voice called. It was a gentle, feminine voice.

She looked up from the ball she had curled into and with tears running down her face she answered, "Yes?" Gasping through her sniffles Evalyn asked. "Who is it?"

The person slipped through the darkness and sat down next to her and whispered "It's Colleen." The strange girl's hand came over top of Evalyn's and she could feel her heart jump a little. "I saw what happened." Colleen explained. "I can't believe that those guys would do such a mean thing to you."

"It's…okay." Evalyn answered, her eyes streaming more tears now. She was grateful though, that someone like Colleen was nice enough to check on her. It made her feel, even if only a little bit, better.

"No it's not okay!" The blond protested. "Guys like that aren't worth it. You don't need a man in your life to be happy, trust me, I know."

"What do you mean?" Evalyn asked, curious about what the blond had said.

"What I mean is I gave up men. They're no good and you can't rely on them." Colleen paused and her voice got quiet and lovelorn. "Don't lose your head over a guy. Instead, try to be strong on your own. Can you do that for me?"

Evalyn nodded her head, and then realised Colleen couldn't see the gesture and said "Okay." She felt her heart skipping beats again and she felt a little short of breath. Colleen seemed so strong and beautiful to Evalyn; like a swan, blessed with grace and splendour, and yet, was strong and mighty all at once. Being with her like this felt…intimate. Every word Colleen said was captivating and only fed Evalyn's admiration for her.

Colleen was silent for a minute and only sighed. "I want you to see the truth." Her voice was soft again, like a dove. "Men aren't the only thing in the world to worry about. There are other people, like me." Colleen's grip on Evalyn's hand tightened. She could sense the blond was leaning in and could feel Colleen's warm breath. It was clean, unlike the rest of the air in the house. "I only came because…" Her voice was very quiet, like a faint wind. She seems hesitant and short of breath. "I knew you…would be here." And gently, like the strokes of a butterfly, her lips brushed against Evalyn's. They were soft and warm and full, unlike how Anderson's seemed to be. For Evalyn, it felt…nice. She felt like…she'd seen something. A light. A new light that was brighter and greater than all of what she knew.

The next day Evalyn took her usual seat in the back of class and looked over at the noisy group in the front, this time with indifference. It seemed so much darker now, the world that she had once known. The supposedly 'perfect' guy Anderson was nothing but a shadow, a mere reflection of what perfection was. She knew it would be impossible to go back to her life before, just as it would be impossible to convince the other girls that Anderson wasn't worth it. He wasn't what everyone made him out to be. He wasn't 'real'. For Evalyn, Colleen was now her 'reality'. And that's how she wanted it to be.

So what do you think? I have reasons for my choices (like most writers), so if you could, please tell me what you think.