Autumn jumped on top of the table, rocking to her favorite band. The Runaways were a group of girls who weren't afraid to act different and rock out. They weren't like other girls.

Out of all five girls, Autumn's favorite was Sandy. Autumn took up drumming because of her, and was simply heartbroken when she got the news of her death. She even fasioned a t-shirt that said:




in really neat letters.

"Hello daddy, hello mom. I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRY BOMB!" Autumn sang as she paraded around on the long table. It was her catwalk, her dance floor, her-

"Autumn Kingsley!" Principal Walker yelled."To my office!"

The table was her Road to Ruin, so to speak.

The whole cafeteria gawked. The preps took pictures on their phones. The jocks split their sides open with laughter, and Autumn's only friend, Kitty, smiled apologetically. Autumn sighed as she gave her ipod to Mrs. Walker and advanced to the front office.

Poor Autumn! Now children, the moral of this story is: never jump around like an idiot in a public place, kk?