Sometime after visiting an old guy with a magnetic metal plate on his skull (See: Apocalypse When?), I went to a nearby anime convention and there's a largest concentration of Japanophiles ever assembled. There are tons of anime stuff everywhere including some Gundam statues, doujins, and clubs for fans of certain animes. I'm a fan of anime myself but whoa. Being a fan of Dragonball, I decided to check out the Dragonball Z fan club and frankly I was extremely disappointed.

Most of the fans wore T-shirts with picture of Broly, the most overrated fictional villain ever!

I stayed for a bit because there's food and I was hungry. Granted they mostly have Pocky and rice crackers but it could be worse. I like Pocky but not as much as the Japanophiles do, I mean I have a feeling they're in love with these for the sake of acting Japanese. After sitting through hours of bullcrap from fans discussing how awesome Broly is and some believing he can beat Galactus, I barely restrained myself from laughing. But then one of them said that Broly is "The manliest character ever!"

It's Broly this and Broly that, it's more about one filler character than the show itself!

I turned and said, "Really? Do you know who voiced Broly in the Japanese version?"

"You seemed to have a problem, Broly is a very manly character and his seiyuus in every versions is also manly men, if one of them voiced a effeminate character then we would know!" he answered.

"Yeah, whoever Broly's seiyuu is, every characters he voiced must be very manly!" said the other.

I got up and said, "Just look up Bin Shimada with your laptop and look up his roles!"

"Who? Is he Broly's seiyuu?"

"Yes and take a look at his role in Fist of the North Star,"

"Oh I heard about that anime, all the manliness..."

"Just take a look at his role and it may change the way you'll think of Broly!" I said before leaving the room.

What the hell is a "seiyuu"? Must have been a Japanese word for "voice actor". Anyway I wandered all over the convention and bought myself a small Kyubey key chain (They have a plush doll but the smile's creepy enough). As I was ready to leave the building, I saw several angry people waiting for me and they're holding wiffle bats, a mallet, and some golf clubs. I realized those are the people from the DBZ club!

"So what's going on?" I asked.

"You stupid son of a bitch!" one yelled.

"How dare you call Broly gay?" said the other.

"Just let us hit you once and it'll be okay!" said the other.

I stood there and said, "Wait what?"

"I realize it now, you never liked Broly so you decided to downplay his manliness by saying that he's gay!" the Brolytard yelled.

"Wait, I never said that Broly's g-"

"Liar, you told us to look up is seiyuu's roles and one of the characters is a faggot, thanks to you our mindsets have been destroyed!"

I shook my head and said, "So why trying to beat me up?"

"You ruined everything!"

Then the security came and threw them out. I left the building through the back exit so the Brolytards won't find me and made my way back to the hotel. I'll have to hide from a time being due to the fact that those Brolytards thought I insinuated that Broly is gay because he shared the same voice actor with a character of "Fist of the North Star" who might have been gay (despite raping tons of women). At least it's not as bad as that incident last Saturday where a massive horseman came into town, trampling several people like ants.