AN: The title of this piece, 'Tickle a mountain storm', appeared on my fridge, made out of the fridge poetry word thingos. Anyway, I hope you like it, and please review! Misti x

Tickle a Mountain Storm

Tickle the fierce mountain storm,

Laugh with the driving rain.

Dance with the icy snowflake queen,

Whistle for the wind again.

Sigh and creak with the burdened branch,

Sway with the leaves on the breeze.

Sing with the birds for a bright new day,

And dance a slow waltz with the trees.

Come and go with the whim of the waves,

Breathe with the ebb and the flow.

Yell with the crash of the of the swell on the cliffs,

And play with the mermaids below.

Prowl through the night with the polar bear,

Converse with the spirits up high,

Skate on the ice with the arctic fox,

And howl a salute to the sky.

We've danced and soared and swayed and sung,

So with the willows, weep.

For now's the time to hibernate,

So close those drooping, tired eyes,

And, safe in your burrow,


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Misti x