Remember the first day-
it wasn't love at first sight.
It was your personality which made me love.
When I got to know you;
I understood your flaws and mistakes-
I loved you even more.
But I knew right from the start
that you couldn't love me back.
I understood it and yet
I didn't stop myself.
And now when you've left;
these tears just wouldn't stop.
I can no longer see you there,
or hear your beautiful voice.
I can no longer tell you everything;
I can no longer breathe-

You aren't here to comfort me;
aren't here to scold me...
and aren't here to tell me
that I could be the confident person I am
without writing all these letters...
You aren't here to tell me
to stop telling people my problems
because you know I can solve it on my own.
You weren't there to encourage me
when you knew in sports; I could make an effort.

I miss the voice that used to talk;
I yearn for the face I used to see-
And because no one can ever replace you-
I want the you that I loved so much...
back here.

Come back, please...