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Summary - Hayley is a normal teenage girl who has loves her life and would never trade it for anything. The two main things she cares about in her life are her mother and her best friend Lucas who she loves to pieces. Everything in Hayley's life seems to be going right but what happens when it all goes wrong?

Chapter 1

''Luke, get off me! Please?'' I begged breathlessly.

''No,'' he laughed.

''Pleeeaaasseeee?'' I repeated as I tried to wriggle my way out of his grasp. Damn, he was strong for a fifteen year old.

"First say what I told you to say." He grinned.

He had my arms pinned over my head and he sat on my stomach straddling me. He held both of my wrists in his too strong hands.

"Never!" I shouted.

"Fine, have it your way." He smiled evilly.

He released one of his holds on my hand only to gather it in his other hand. He then moved back a little so he was sitting on my legs. He raised he hand above my stomach. I gulped knowing what he was about to do.

"Last chance Hayley," he smirked.

I shook my head.

He laughed then started to tickle me. I hated being ticked.

"No please..stop..please..Luke..stop!" I shouted, half laughing at the same time.

"Should I continue or are you going to say it?" he said as he continued to tickle me. Tears were starting to fall from my eyes.

"Fine," I gasped. "Lucas asshole James, you are the worlds bestest person and you are the king of my world. There I said it, now get your big but off me," I laughed.

"Hmm. Nope," he said popping on the 'p' "You forgot the bit at the end I told you to say."

"What? No I didn't, I said everything you told me to say."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did."

"No you didn't."

"I don't remember," I said in my most sweet and innocent voice.

He chuckled. "Nice try. That may work on everyone else but not me. Now think hard."

"Ugh, I don't want to say it."

"So, you do remember? Say it."




"Yes," and he quickly clamped his free hand over my mouth before I could say anything. "If you don't say it, the tickle monsters gunna come back out."

He moved his hand from over my mouth.

"Now, are you going to be a going to be a good little girl and do what I tell you or do I have to do this?"

He started tickling me again.

I started laughing uncontrollably. "Stop...Lucas...please!"

"Say it first, then I'll stop," he demanded as he continued to tickle me.

"You're hot," I gasped "There I said it."

He stopped ticking me and raised his eyebrows "I don't think so. I want to hear you say it properly like you mean it."

I sighed "You are the most hottest guy that ever walked the planet."



He was about to tickle me again.

"Okay, okay" I shouted. "And I love you," I said in a quiet voice.

"I'm sorry, what?" he said putting his ear towards my face.

"I love you!" I shouted in his ear. I was starting to get annoyed.

He released my hands. "There, now that wasn't so hard, was it?"

"Ugh, get off me you jerk," I sat up but he quickly pushed me down again and lay on top of me. His face was inches from mine.

"Now what?" I snapped.

"I love you too," he breathed against my face.

"I don't care."

He chuckled "Yes you do."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

Before I could reply he quickly pressed his lips to mine. He pulled back after a few seconds to look at me.

"No I don't."

He laughed and leaned down to kiss me again. The kiss was slow at first then slowly started building. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance but I pressed my lips tightly together. He pulled back to look at me. I smirked. He laughed, shaking his head before he leaned down to kiss me again. He licked my bottom lip again but I still didn't open my mouth and let him in. I could feel him smile against my lips.

All of a sudden he tickled me again. I gasped. He used that as an opportunity to slip his tounge into my mouth. The taste and scent of his mouth made my mouth water. It smelt and tasted like apples and mint mixed together. It always left me wanting more. Luke moved his hand and placed it at the back of my head pulling me closer to him and kissed me deeper. I locked my arms his neck and buried my hands into his soft hair. When I started to get out of breath he moved his mouth to my jaw then down to my neck. I couldn't help the little moan that escaped my throat. Luke started kissing up from my neck to my cheeks. I could feel him smile against them.

"Mmmm, you smell so good."

I smiled as he moved his lips towards my ear. He started nibbling on my earlobe. I giggled.

"I love you," he whispered into my ear.

"I love you too."

He came down to rest his head between my neck and shoulder. I tightened my arms around his neck. We stayed like that for a few minutes until we heard keys fumbling about from the front door. We both jumped up and Luke quickly moved over to the other side of the couch. I grabbed the remote from the from table and quickly switched on the T.V.

"Hayley, are you home?" Mum shouted from the hallway.

"In here!"

She walked into the living room and switched the lights on.

"Hey sweetie, Luke."

"Hi Linda, your back early today?"

"It wasn't very busy at the hospital today so I decided to come home."

Mom was a nurse at the local hospital. She's been working there now for six years. She loves taking care of people and helping them, that was one of the reasons why she became a nurse. She always tries to persuade me to get into that field but I don't think I would be able to handle it. The sight of blood makes me sick. I once went with her last year to see what it was like and made a vow to myself that I would never ever go back.

"So what have you kids been up to today?" Mum asked.

"Nothing much. We went to the park but it got too cold so we came home."

"Ok, you kids hungry?"

"Yes!" We both shouted.

Mum started laughing and made her way to the kitchen. Me and Luke looked at each other and burst out laughing ourselves.

"Phew! That was close," he said still laughing.

"I know. Imagine what would have gone through her head if she walked in to see us like that."

Nobody knew about mine and Luke's relationship. Well, I wouldn't really call it a relationship. I mean, we made out all the time and we constantly told each other how much we loved each other but we've never once been on a date or anything. We kept our relationship to ourselves. Luke and I have been neighbours since we were in diapers. His mom, Caroline, and my mom have been best friends since they were in primary school. They couldn't live without each other so they decided to buy a house on the same street which worked out pretty well for me and Luke. Luke's one year older than me. We started out as being best friends. We did absolutely everything together. We were inseparable and still are. As we got older I started developing feelings for him. Different feelings from the friendship feelings I felt. When I discussed it with Luke, he told me that he felt the same way which then leaded to our first kiss which was a year ago. I don't know why we decided not to tell anyone. I guess it was because we weren't really sure what we were doing at the time and just wanted to figure things out by ourselves. We've never talked about our relationship with each other and to be honest, I liked it that way. Luke never dated anyone else or even looked at another girl. He always said I was the only girl in his life.

I looked over at him sitting on the sofa, his eyes fixated on the T.V. I couldn't help the smile that crossed my face. I loved him so much, with every fibre of my being and I knew he felt the same way about me. I couldn't live without him and the thought of it almost bought tears to my eyes. He must have sensed me looking at him.

"What?" He asked turning his body so he was facing me.

I didn't say anything. I just smiled and moved towards him. I positioned myself on his lap, put my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his.

He quickly pulled away. I pouted.

"Hayley, your mom might see." He looked over my shoulder towards the door.

"She's in the kitchen cooking. She's not paying any attention to us."

I kissed him again. He didn't push me away this time. He locked his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. How is it that his mouth tastes even better than the last time, every time we kiss? I kissed him slowly at first but then it got more passionate. I tightened my grip around his neck and nibbled on his bottom lip. Before we could take the kiss any further, Mum called from the kitchen.

"Dinners ready!"

Luke groaned and pulled away from me resting his forehead against mine.

"I love you," I said a little breathless from the kiss.

He smiled. "I love you more."

We got up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen, both of us with biggest grins on our face.