I had one again

An evil called a nightmare

A true fear

That had broken me down to the bare

She told me

How she felt

For him

And that deadly blow had been dealt

I stormed away

Angry like a bull

When he showed up

I knew the truth in full

It was midday

Next to us was a moving train

But as I got more distant

It had began to rain

He turned back

Back to her

Where she was

Where my heart and mind still were

Toward home I go

Onwards alone

Because I knew

Shaken me to the bone

I go back to where we met

Like a fool

At that moment I agreed

"Fate is cruel."

But there he was

"There's nothing there."

I didn't look back to him I said:

"You can have them. I don't care."

He tried to explain

What do I care?

I scream: "Get away from me!"

He turned back without a stare

I had believed that he had gone

But it had become obvious I as wrong

Because at my last line of sight

He had brought her along

Sitting at that memory

There had been a car

Another old memory

With doors ajar

They climbed inside

But I wasn't a fool

Almost like they tried to hide

I wasn't foolish enough for my mind to push it aside

They had loved

There in that car

While she had left my heart

Torn from afar

"I love you" I whispered away

I gave out my trust

When I knew others betray

That open cut would never crust

"You knew this" I said

"I have a life no longer, I know you can see!"

"You diviner, you great god!"

"Take this life away from me!"

And He did...