Chapter 6: Voices

The darkness was too much to handle at times. I had no way of knowing exactly how long I had been here; a month, two, three perhaps.

I was starting to miss people, to miss Sat, even hell. I closed my eyes as I sensed people around me and opened my eyes again. The darkness was different now, I wasn't floating anymore instead I lay on my back, upside-down. Something pulled me head first down a narrow tunnel and my heart stopped as I understood what was happening.

I tried yelling but I didn't make a sound, instead I heard a woman say "push". I, unwillingly, made my way through the tunnel until finally: light.

The bright yellow glow hurt my eyes so I concentrated on the people around me. I seemed to be in a hospital room. The female doctor held me in her arms as a few nurses gathered around me, they gathered around the new born baby.

"Strange..." Said the doctor.

"What?" Exclaimed the woman I just came out of, "what's wrong?"

"Oh no, it's nothing, he's the first baby that did not cry, after being born," Replied the doctor.

"He's smiling" said a female nurse who smiled as she leaned over me. I took the chance to kick her and she actually moved backwards to the wall as she held her nose.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry" said the woman lying in the hospital bed.

"It's okay" she started as she slowly bled from her nose. "Quite a leg he has there."

I couldn't help but laugh in an infant way and reminded myself that you have to take your victories where you can.

"Can I hold him?" Asked my mother.

"Sure," said the doctor and handed me.

I couldn't help but stare as I recognized the woman: it was Gabriel McAllen, the strange woman from the mall that followed me out.

"Hey, it's mommy" she started as she wiggled a finger in front of me, I would have bit it if I had a tooth to call my own.

Someone forced their way into the room; a male around his late 20's wrestled a couple of security guards and a male nurse as he inched his way into the room.

"Let me go, I have to be in the room when my wife gives birth!" He exclaimed as the security pinned him down.

"It's a little late for that, Jeremy." Said the doctor as she washed her hands while ignored the clatter.

"Alisha, tell these goons to let me go" replied the man as the security held him down and waited for the female doctor to instruct them.

"He's ok," she said wiping her hands. "He's with the patient."

The security let him go. He stood up, dusted himself off and walked over to his wife.

"Oh God, honey, I'm so sorry..." He said placing an arm around her.

They both looked and spoke to me, well as much as you could speak while speaking gibberish to a baby.

"Thank you so much, Alisha." Started the woman who called herself my mother.

"Any time" Alisha replied moving closer. "What are you going to name him?"

"We're not sure yet," said the man who called himself my father.

"As his god mother, can I make a suggestion?"


"Matthew! Get back here!" Yelled my mother as I ran out the door and into the streets, a car swerved to miss me and hit a lamp post.

A year passed and I hated every second of it. I missed the freedom of not being a child.

A paramedic happened to be close and ran over to inspect the man who sat in his wrecked car. The paramedic recorded his death at 2:16, Wednesday evening.

Talk about me being possessed was going around as I took every chance this damn infant body gave me to do something rebellious.

My mother picked me up and walked back inside, she placed me in a stroller and held her hands over her mouth as she sat by the kitchen table and stared at with horror in her eyes

"It's you isn't it?" She asked weakly.

I simply smiled and stared back, I couldn't speak if I wanted to anyway. She stood up slowly and made a phone call.

I was baptized a few months later. My body actually burned as I shook violently as the priest held me by a river. He placed a metal cross on my forehead while saying something like "devil be gone." I looked away from him and saw Mana standing behind my scared parents, my mother held my new born sister.

Mana stared sadly and he mouthed the words "I'll find you," As I defended into darkness once more. The last thing I heard was a crying baby.


I made my way to class while juggling four books in front of me. The school hall was busy as I passed a few students as I excused myself on my way to my last class for the day.

My class came into view as I turned a corner. Someone tripped me which made me drop my books. A senior, high school student, held his arms up as he instigated me to do something about it, then high fives his friend and walked away laughing when I just stood there.

I sighed and bent down to pick my books up when a girl crouched next to me. I looked as Joanna Beret handed me the rest of my books while smiling.

"Here you go, Matt." She said as I took the books from her.

I gave her a weak smile. "Thank you, Joanna," I stuttered.

She smiled and stood up, I followed. "Do you know what tomorrow is?" She used both her hands to hold a book up against her.

"Of course!" I replied, a little louder than I should have. "It's your birthday."

"Do you want to come over? I mean it's just going to be us girls and-"

"I'd love to" I interrupted her without thinking.

She stared then smiled again. "Sweet! I'll see you then..." She said and leaned in to give me a kiss in the cheek. She bounced a little as her friends giggled behind her. "I'll bring you a something too." She turned and walked away.

I stood there thinking of what just happened. It was easy to remember her birthday as it was mine too: Same day, same hour. I smiled and walked into class.

The clock read 2:57 as the teacher finished for today. He talked about the math homework. I felt a paper ball hit the back of my head. I turned and a few seniors laughed silently and pounded each other's fist.

"Mr. McAllen, is there something interesting about Mr. Richards?" The teacher said, staring at me.

A few students laughed as the bell rang and everyone made their way out. A girl actually dubbed me "loser" as she passed by.

I forced as much as I could back into my backpack and made my way out. I carried my books down the hall as the bullies from my class passed by and casually slammed me to the lockers. I hit them with my side and dropped my books again. I stared at the bullies as they walked away laughing and even shoved another kid back into the class he was exiting.

"Finally" I heard someone say inside of my head as my vision blurred. My vision came back in time to see the lockers on both sides of the bullies fly open as books; clothing and other random items flew at them.

The bullies used their arms to try to shield themselves but the items had left their marks; a few books bruised the first's arms, midsection and face. A few pens and pencils pinned themselves on the seconds arms, making him yell loudly.

I gasped and lifted my items off the ground as the bullies cried out in pain. I looked back to see a book fly out again and hit him in the back of his head which dropped him to the ground. He tried standing back up when the nearest locker tilted and fell on him.

Students and teacher gathered now to see what was happening and a few girls yelled as blood oozed out from underneath the locker that held the motionless bully pinned to the ground. A hand mirror fell to the ground which made it shatter into several pieces. The shards levitated for a second then launched themselves onto the remanding bullies' forehead, the shards hung from the bully's forehead as he hit the ground hard. He didn't move and some students cried out when a puddle of blood oozed out of the dead bullies. A slow but steady stream of blood made its way in my direction.

I walked out of the building and stood up against the wall as yelling could be heard inside.

A voice inside of me laughed uncontrollably. I shook my head quickly and ran towards the bus which had just arrived.

I wrote on my diary, yes I have a diary, about what happened in school then closed it.

"Dinner time!" Yelled my mother from the first floor up to me and my sister.

I stood up and walked to my door when my vision blurred again then I heard something fall behind me. My vision returned as I turned to see my diary opened and laying on the ground.

Nobody had come or left my room but my diary had moved. Curiosity got the best of me as I moved closer and picked up the diary, making sure not to close it.

I read the entry over:

"Something strange happened again... Mom says that I'm just imagining things, but I'm not! The bed moved again! A few inches to the right this time... My head hurt and I heard a man say something when it happened.

Nobody believes me! Why don't they believe me! Am I going crazy? Or maybe it is my imagination. Mom is taking me to see the doctor tomorrow. I don't want to go..."

I read the entry over and over again. I didn't remember writing any of it but it was my handwriting from when I was younger.

I looked at the bottom of the page:

"Matthew, age 12."

I turned the pages and read a few more entries. Some were random but others spoke of weird things happening or me dreaming of a place with a man who muttered the word "Sat" over and over. I didn't understand any of it but it all scared me. I turned a page and dropped the book abruptly as I stared at the blood filled pages.

My door opened and my younger sister walked in.

"Hey mom is calling you for dinner." I flinched and looked at her. A short nerdy looking girl with freckles, braces, large ground glassed and two blond pig tails.

"Okay," I said as she closed the door. I looked at the diary again, no blood or stains of any kind.

I moved the diary slowly with my foot as if it would bite me if I was to touch it, and then placed it in a cabinet when it didn't and went downstairs to eat as my mom called out to me again.