"Hi. Can I help you?" The teenage girl asked the couple.

"Hi. Yeah, uhh can I get the Double Cheeseburger Meal?" The young man said, tugging on the collar of his coat.

The teenage girl looked over at his companion smiling.

The young woman smiled, "Hi, can I get the –"

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The woman began digging in her bag as the phone continued to ring.

"Sorry. The 6 Nugget Meal please." She answered as she extracted the phone from her bag.

"For here or to go?"

"Here, please." The man answered.

The woman looked at the caller ID and smiled. "Hello?"

As her friend began to speak the woman looked to the man backing up as she spoke, "Will you pay? I'll pay you back." She smiled and turned around.

The man just shook his head smiling and paid for the food. As he was collecting the food he heard a shout.

"Oh, my God! Are you serious?" The woman shouted, jumping up and down and laughing. She continued jumping up and down as her friend spoke, soon twirling around the lobby. "Oh, my God! Summer I'm sooo happy for you! I knew he was going to ask you, I just knew it!" She smiled. They finished up the conversation and the woman went in search of the man.

She found him on his way to the drink station. "John!"

He looked up and smiled. She ran, straight into his arms. "Summer is getting married!" She shouted into his shoulder, as he held her.

"That's awesome!" He told her, squeezing her tightly to him.

"I'm soo excited for her." She told him pulling away.

"I know you are, babe." He laughed, pulling her with him to the drink station. Handing her a cup he caught her smiling at him.

"I'm just so happy."