She spent her days daydreaming what it would be like to be with him. Looking forward to the nights where they talked to each other. "Forever you and me," they promised. She looked forward to the future. The future with him. Where the biggest obstacle would no longer be in their way. Where long time awaited promises of dances and smiles will take place. "Forever," her heart smiles and jumps in bliss at the very thought of it. "Forever," She kept repeating to herself.

Poor little girl, found out forever comes quicker than expected. New words has replaced forever sooner than she thought. "Move on," he now says. "Because I have."

"Just move on."

Poor little gullible girl, still hoping that forever would happen. Dreams turn to nightmares, night conversation are nothing but painful memories. Smiling in sleep turned to crying to sleep. Poor little girl who thought forever would come true.

"Forever you and me." That is what she wanted but got forever shattered instead. Painful memories, a heavy burden, and a cold barren desert where the heart use to be. Broken until the end of time.

Forever he said

Forever No More