Chapter One

Today is a perfectly sunny day. All the kids are enjoying their last few days of summer vacation, and the parents are working, wishing that they could be on vacation somewhere. But for some strange reason, there is a large raincloud hovering over an old office building...

"Hello?," a chilling voice called out, coming from all directions inside the building. Four figures emerged from the shadows.

"Apple reporting," a female voice from the far right called.

"Kiwi reporting," another female voice replied.

"Pear reporting," a male voice added.

"And last, but not least, Lychee reporting," a female voice said.

"Good, everyone is here," the chilling voice said, in an evil type of happy tone. The four figures nodded.

"Starting today, we need to start invading this weak planet," the voice continued. The figures nodded again.

"Apple, you will be our the first to show how far you can bring this project," the voice said. The figure farthest to the right stepped forward, allowing some light to fall onto her. She had silky black hair with silver highlights. Her outfit was a short, dark red dress, with a black jacket layered over it. Under the dress she wore dark tights, then finishing it off with red boots.

"I understand, master," Apple replied

"Good, the rest of you start to fix this place up to make more suitable headquarters," the voice said, and then silenced. After standing around for several seconds, the four of them turned and started to walk away to accomplish their tasks.

Several days later...

Shifting from the previous location, in an average sized neighborhood, we will focus on a seemingly normal family...

Aya heard a loud beeping noise, but didn't pay much attention to it. It was probably just part of the wonderful dream she was having. In the dream, she had just met her favorite celebrity, and had became friends with them. The beeping noise slowly got louder, and then it clicked in Aya's head. It was her alarm going off. That and today was the first day of school.

Aya awoke from her dream and looked over at the clock. It was 7:35, so school would start in ten minutes! She jumped out of her bed and ran out of her bedroom, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. She saw her mom washing the dishes, while looking out the window. Her mom turned towards her.

"It's about time you decided to get up," she said to Aya.

"That's nice, now I need to get to school!," Aya exclaimed.

"Well, hurry up, you've only got about eight minutes left," her mom said, grabbing a piece of toast off of a plate that was lying on the counter, and tossed it to Aya.

"Thanks, I gotta go now!," Aya yelled running out the door.

"Good thing she wore her clothes to bed," her mom mumbled, returning to the sink to finish washing the dishes.

A couple of steps outside...

Aya ran down the sidewalk faster than she had ever ran in her lifetime. She couldn't be late on the first day of school, it would mess up her somewhat perfect attendance record. As she continued running down the street, she saw her best friend walking ahead. She pushed her legs even faster to catch up with her friend.

When she caught up to he friend, she grabbed her shoulder. Her friend jumped and turned around, with a mad look. When she saw that it was just Aya she calmed down.

"What was that for!," the girl exclaimed.

"Opal, we're going to be late for the first day of school!," Aya screamed.

"No we're not," Opal said, looking at Aya like she belonged in an insane asylum.

"Yes we are, we only have like five minutes left until it starts!," Aya said worriedly.

"We still have an hour," Opal replied "Did you forget about daylight savings?"

"Oh," Aya replied quietly.

"Besides that, you look like crap," Opal told Aya, pulling a small mirror our of her pocket and handing it to her. Aya looked at herself in the mirror. Her shoulder length, chocolate colored hair was tangled and sticking up in all kinds of places. Her brown eyes were also red, making it obvious that she hadn't slept well.

"Do you have a brush or something?," Aya asked sighing as she tried to pat her hair down.

"Yeah," Opal replied, fishing around in her backpack, finally pulling out a brush. Aya looked at Opal. Her short, almond colored hair was perfectly combed, while her hazel eyes looked crystal clear. Aya squinted slightly. It also looked like she had some make-up on.

"Are you okay?," Opal asked, shaking her hand in front of Aya's face.

"Oh, yeah," Aya replied, taking the brush from Opal, then beginning to brush her hair.

"I'm so excited that we start sixth grade today," Opal said happily as the two of them walked along the sidewalk.

"I can't really say the same," Aya replied as the brushed out a gigantic knot.

"Why not?," Opal asked.

"Because I hate school," Aya replied, brushing out another large knot.

"Umm, okay, at least we're going to be in the same class," Opal said.

"That's the only good thing," Aya said. She handed Opal her brush back, her hair all smoothed out and shiny. At this comment there was a large boom, and the street started shaking.

"What's happening!," Aya and Opal both screamed.

Meanwhile downtown...

Apple laughed as she looked around at the pathetic town that she had been forced to attack. The people in the town were typical for humans, and had started screaming when she had dropped a smoke machine on a random Human's head. She stuck her hand in the pocket of her jacket, until she found what her main goal was. It was what appeared to be a small computer chip. According to her boss, it was called a "Mecha Wing". All she had to do was attach it to any object, and it would be transformed into a monster.

She looked around, looking for a suitable object. An ice cream cart caught her eye.

"Perfect," she said aloud, and threw the Mecha Wing at the ice cream cart. The moment it collided with the object, a loud blast of light shot upwards, and the cart had become a monster that appeared to be made of metal, with an umbrella on its head, and ice cream cones for hands.

"This better be somewhat interesting," Apple yawned.

To be continued...