Chapter Fifteen

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The Hotel

"So what are we doing on today since we have to leave tomorrow?," Lyndsey asked while deciding what outfit to where.

"There's so many different things we could do though!," Aya whined, throwing on a random outfit.

"How about we just do nothing?," Opal suggested.

"We can do that without being on vacation," Lyndsey sighed. She began to close her suitcase when she saw something sticking out. She slid it out and saw that it was a pamphlet.

"What's that?," Aya asked, walking over to Lyndsey. Lyndsey opened the pamphlet and looked it over.

"It's just advertising a scuba diving tour," she said, tossing it aside.

"Wait! How much does it cost?," Siara blurted out. Lyndsey picked up the pamphlet again.

"There's a special sale going on, it's $5 a person," Lyndsey answered.

"Cool! I totally want to go! I'm sure each of us has some money," Siara giggled.

"Okay, it's decided then, we're going scuba diving," Lyndsey told the group.

"I'll get Momoka out of the bathroom," Opal groaned, walking over to the bathroom door. She knocked several times, and eventually just kicked it open.

"We need to stop in the town and get some snacks on the way," Aya said.

"Okay, we'll meet in the lobby in an hour!," Opal ordered, dragging Momoka out of the bathroom.

1 Hour Later...

"So, was it fun getting Momoka ready?," Aya laughed as Opal and Momoka walked out of the elevator.

"Never ask again," Opal glared. Aya just continued to laugh. After talking and messing around for several more minutes, the group headed into town. It was full of shops and long, crowded roads.

"So, where should we stop and get snacks?," Opal asked, squeezing through a crowd of people.

"Just look for some kind of bakery," Aya replied, barely avoiding a football that was flying through the air.

"Hey, I see a Doughnut shop!," Lyndsey exclaimed. Everyone in the group immediately turned to see a giant building with doughnuts just as big on top.

"I can't even think of something to say for this epic moment," Opal gaped.

"I sense weight gain around the corner," Momoka sighed, but everyone could see that her mouth was watering. The group ran inside the shop like hungry fish. Inside there were aisles full of doughnuts.

"This is going to be the greatest day ever!," Siara laughed as she started to run through the store.

"I'm going to follow Siara's example," Lyndsey told the others as she also disappeared into the store. Aya wandered off to look at the various chocolate doughnuts until she saw one that caught her eye. It was a doughnut (this is kind of obvious), and it was covered in rainbow frosting. She grabbed about twenty of them and put them in a box,. She heard a muffled scream coming from the box the moment she closed it. She opened it and saw Bunny inside.

"What are you doing in a box of doughnuts?," Aya sighed.

"Why are you wasting time?," Bunny asked sarcastically.

"We're on vacation, what else are we supposed to do," Aya replied.

"Just be careful," Bunny said before scurrying under a shelf. Aya then began to hunt down the others. She was about to turn around a corner when she bumped into a person, which caused her to fall, and the box of doughnuts crashed into a shelf.

"Watch where you're going!," Aya snapped. She looked up at the person and saw that it was Cyan.

"You're making such a big deal," Cyan sighed.

"Why are you here? You aren't part of our group!," Aya asked, picking up the box of doughnuts.

"I was craving doughnuts," Cyan replied.

"Oh, well we just came to get some doughnuts before we go scuba diving," Aya said.

"Can I come?," Cyan asked.

"Yeah, but you have to pay for yourself," Aya answered.


Pear had been spying on the Kutie Pie and overheard that they were going scuba diving. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his last Mecha Wing. If this one failed he would have to use Kiwi's type of monsters from now on.

"I'll find the best object for this Mecha Wing and stop the Kutie Pie for sure," he smiled.

Outside the Doughnut shop...

"Alright, we're stocked on doughnuts, so, to the beach!," Momoka exclaimed. The group walked out of town and down to the beach. There were plenty of people playing and relaxing, which made it difficult to find the scuba diving center. When they did find it, they were relieved.

"Do they honestly need to make it so difficult to find this place?," Lyndsey complained, as the group entered a small building. Inside was all kinds of expensive looking equipment. Before the group could really look around, a woman popped up and began to speak.

"Hi, you must be here for the scuba diving!," she beamed.

"Um...yeah," Aya answered.

"Of course!," Siara exclaimed.

"Great! Follow me," the woman told the group as she began walking off. The group followed her until they ended up in a room full of suits and oxygen tanks. There were several other people waiting in the room when they arrived.

"They'll help you get ready and instruct you on how to get in the water," the woman told the girls as she collected their money. It took some time, but the girls managed to get into the diving suits.

"Follow us," the people that had helped them get into their suits told them. The girls followed them down another hallway. The next room that they stepped into had a glass floor, and you could see the water underneath.

"When you're ready, we'll open the floor and you guys can dive in," a man explained to them. The girls nodded, and the glass began to open. They jumped in and began their adventure.

"We can still talk under water!," Siara giggled.

"Great, I get to listen to her talk even more," Lyndsey sighed.

"Why are you guys so mean to her?," Cyan questioned as the group swam through the crystal clear water.

"You have to be around her for a while to understand," Momoka answered.

"Look at that pretty fish!," Opal exclaimed, pointing at a fish that shimmered green and blue.

"It's so pretty!," Siara added.

"There's not much besides sparkly fish," Aya said after the group had been looking around for some time.

"You're right," Lyndsey noticed.

"It's kind of a rip-off since we haven't really seen anything besides fish," Aya added.

"What's that over there?," Opal asked. Everyone got excited and twisted so they could see what she saw. There was a strange figure swimming towards them in the water.

"It's probably just another fish," Momoka said.

"No, it looks like a person," Aya guessed.

"It's a mermaid!," Siara exclaimed.

"She's right!," Lyndsey panicked.

"!," Aya screamed as everyone began flopping around in the water. The mermaid got closer and close, which made everyone panic even more.

"What do we do?," Cyan worried while trying to calm everyone down.

"Act like we're crazy!," Aya replied. The mermaid was now several feet away and staring at the girls.

"It's staring at us," Lyndsey whispered.

"Who are you?," Siara asked. The mermaid stared at her for a minute, then spoke.

"I'm a mermaid," it answered.

"Why are you here?," Momoka added.

"I have come to challenge you to a dance battle," the mermaid answered.

"I've got a feeling something weird is about to happen," Opal mumbled.


Pear had spent some time looking for the perfect object to use for the Mecha Wing. Absolutely nothing had seemed worthy until he saw something interesting. It was blue, shiny, and perfect. He had found this 'perfect' object inside a random store on the island. Pear tapped a man that was standing next to him and asked him a question.

"What is that called?," Pear asked, pointing at the object.

"That blue one? That's a sapphire," the man answered. Pear smiled and punched the man in the face.

"Thank you very much," he snickered. No one seemed to noticed that the man was now laying on the floor, so Pear took the sapphire that was just sitting there. He pulled his last Mecha Wing out and attached it to the sapphire, which quickly transformed into a blue, gem-like monster.

"Find the Kutie Pie and destroy them," Pear ordered as the monster smashed through the roof.


"How can you dance without legs?," Aya asked.

"All you can do is twirl around and move your arms," Opal added.

"I have my ways," the mermaid replied. She snapped her fingers and her fin began to split in half, slowly turning into legs. Next an air bubble formed, causing everyone to crash onto the floor of it. The girls diving suits had also disappeared while this happened.

"Since when can mermaids make air bubbles?," Lyndsey began to panic.

"Lyndsey, calm down," Aya hushed.

"Alright, start the music!," the mermaid laughed as techno music began to play "The rules are very simple, just dance, and the first team to pass out loses."

"But it's six of us against you!," Opal whined. Just as she said this, five more mermaid humans appeared inside the bubble.

"Begin!," A mysterious voice echoed. Both groups began viciously dancing, mostly involving hip movements. Aya danced over to the other team and began bumping into them, trying to knock them down.

"She's cheating!," one of the mermaid humans complained, but Aya slammed into her before any one else could pay attention. The competition continued fiercely until both sides saw a giant, blue monster swimming up to the bubble.

"What the crap is that?," Momoka gasped.

"Is it a shark?," Cyan questioned.

"I think it's a monster!," Siara exclaimed. The creature slowly approached the air bubble and shoved its hand inside, which left a giant hole. Slowly water began to pour into the bubble.

"We've gotta transform!," Aya ordered.

"What!," Momoka, Cyan, and the mermaid humans chorused.

"Where's Bunny?," Lyndsey asked. Just as she spoke, Bunny popped out of Aya's pocket.

"I'm not an it, I'm a she!," Bunny snapped as it tossed the girls the dispenser.

"Oh, that would've been nice to know several weeks ago," Lyndsey responded.

"I'm so lost right now," Cyan said in disbelief.

Aya, Opal, Siara, and Lyndsey took their candy from the dispenser and swallowed.

"Kutie Pie, Transform!," the four of them shouted. The Kutie Pie outfit popped on to each of them, followed by their hair changing, and finished with a headband that had a flower on top in each of their respective colors.

"I am the protector of fire, Kutie Red!"

"I am the guardian of fruit, Kutie Orange!"

"The one who harnesses sunlight and cheerfulness, Kutie Yellow!"

"I am one with nature, Kutie Green!"

"You guys are superheroes!," everyone asked in confusion.

"Magical girl is the politically correct name," Bunny corrected. Right when the conversation ended, the bubble began to collapse.

"Lets go!," Red cheered. The four of them ran up to the monster, who was now inside the bubble and stretching it out. Orange jumped up and kicked the monster. Yellow punched it immediately after, and it began to wobble.

"This is too easy," Green said in suspicion.

"You're right," Orange agreed. A weird cackle went through the air and the monster began to glow. Before the girls could react, it began shooting lasers at them. Yellow ducked just as one zoomed past her ear.

"Normally we would have beaten this thing already," Red whined.

"Let's just keep attacking and see where we get," Green ordered.

"Okay!, Yellow Sunshine Flash!," Yellow shouted, blinding the monster with a flash of light.

"Super Fireball!," Red yelled, forming a fireball in her hands, then throwing it at the monster.

"Good, we're making progress!," Green smiled.

"Orange Energy Blast!," Orange called out, shooting a beam of energy at the monster.

"And to finish it off, Green Eco-Friendly Slash!," Green finished, slicing the monster with her sword. Dust filled the air and the girls assumed that the monster had been defeated.

"Yay!," Yellow giggled.

"That was an adventure," Red laughed.

"We're unstoppable!," Orange added.

"You guys," Momoka said nervously.

"What?," the four of them all asked simultaneously. Momoka and Cyan both pointed at something behind them. The girls turned and saw that the monster was still there.

"But we went all out on it!," Green groaned. Before the girls got ready to start fighting again, the monster slammed them up against the side of the bubble using its arms.

"I can't move!," Red gasped, trying to break free.

"It's too strong!," Green cried. All Momoka, Cyan, and the human mermaids could do was watch. Bunny hopped onto the monster and began to slap it with its paws, but the monster used its other arm to slap her away. She landed near Momoka's feet and began crying.

"What do we do? We're not magical girls like them," Momoka said, trying not to cry.

"There's got to be something we can do!," one of the human mermaids said.

"The waters coming over to us" Cyan announced. The water had reached her feet and was now spreading to Bunny, Momoka, and the human mermaids. When it came into contact with the human mermaids, they reverted back to their mermaid form.

"We can just swim out, but you guys...," one of the mermaids mumbled.

"Can't you pull us out?," Momoka asked.

"We're not strong enough, and getting out of this bubble is going to be difficult," another mermaid answered. The water slowly rose somewhere, and the monster continued to crush the Kutie Pie. Finally, Bunny sat up.

"The only way we'll get out of this is if another Kutie Pie appears," she whimpered. Bunny must have had the power to make anything happen, because Cyan began to glow blue.

"Wow, I must have some hidden power or something," Bunny gaped.

"What's going on," Cyan gasped while staring at herself.

"You're going to be a Kutie Pie!," Bunny exclaimed. She then pulled out then dispenser.

"What's that?," Cyan asked.

"It's called the Dispenser. Push the button and take what falls out and eat it," Bunny instructed. Cyan looked at the monster and then Bunny.

"Alright!," she said with determination, and pressed the button.


The Kutie Pie hadn't come up from the water, so Pear assumed they had died.

"I can't believe I actually did it!," he giggled. But he didn't know what to do next. Should he report to the boss or just relax on the island. He decided just to stay on the island for a little longer.

Kutie Pie

A blue candy popped out of the dispenser and landed in Cyan's hand. Following Bunny's instructions, she chewed it and swallowed. It was Blueberry flavored and made her tingle.

"Kutie Pie, Transform!," she blurted out without thinking. Suddenly she was underwater, and her clothes were dissolving. The water twirled around her arms, forming two white, opera length gloves with blue frills at the end. A perfect white shirt with a blue bow attached appeared directly after the gloves, followed by a blue skirt that resembled flower petals. A pair of tights pulled themselves onto her legs, and two white boots with blue stitching popped on. A necklace and a pair of blue earrings appeared with a sparkle, and her hair grew all the way to her back, then changed to a neon turquoise. To complete the transformation, a headband with a blue flower attached glowed on.

"I am the glittering turquoise ocean, Kutie Blue!," she exclaimed while posing.

"You look fabulous!," Bunny giggled.

"This is so weird, but at the same time totally believable," Blue said in shock.

"And before I forget, take this!," Bunny shouted. She reached into her throat and pulled out a card and threw it towards Blue's stomach. Before they hit, she saw that she had accidentally thrown two. The cards slid into Blue's stomach which caused her to groan.

"Focus, and you will have the power to attack," Bunny instructed. Blue took a deep breath and nodded. She quickly felt several words that seemed to go together form.

"Blue Bubble Burst!," she yelled as a vortex of bubbles spiraled out from her and hit the monster. The moment the bubbles came in contact with the monster, it dissolved into nothing, leaving a pink gem that Bunny swallowed before anyone seemed to notice. The other four Kutie Pie toppled onto the floor of the bubble, which was now filling up with air again.

"Welcome to the team!," the others chorused while groaning in pain.

"Since you pretty much saved us, you don't have to dance against us," one of the mermaids told the girls. And so everyone ended up being happy for a couple hours.

Next Time: The Vacation ends! (Finally) Will things still be the same when they get back? Will Kutie Blue still be in the spotlight? Find out soon!