They won't let me play.


Tiger won't let me play,

he's knicked the golf clubs again,

he's hidden them and says I can't play,

he reckons, he gonna be a champion one day!


Ricky won't let me play,

he says he gotta full team,

he thinks he can play in the big league,

who's gonna see him in the back yard in Tassie!


Victoria says David can't come out to play,

he's got more important people to see,

she wants to sing him a lullaby,

before his big move, why can't he stay home and play!


Andrew's hogging the ball again,

he keeps putting it through the hoop,

and bouncing it around the drive

he reckons it I can get it I can have a go, it's not fair!


Lleyton won't let me use his tennis racquet,

says its his lucky one, and he's got the balls up his shorts again,

thinks he going win the Davis Cup one day, as if!


Eddie won't let me play footy,

told me to go and ask Sam what he thought,

he cracked up and sent me to Trevor

don't care who I play for, I just wanna play!


when Brockie rings tell him,

I'm just goin round the block once or twice,

gotta make sure the motor's purring before the next race,

you never know I may get to set the pace,

he a real nice bloke, he always lets me play.