body punch- punch to the rib area

bolo punch- used to distract the opponent to make them vulernable to the next swing

combination- series of punches

counterpunch- waiting for the opponent to throw a punch, hitting them where they are exposed

cross- power punch thrown with the dominant hand

feint- fake punch; used to get an opponent to react to open him for the real attack

hook- power punch delivered with the elbow bent so the arm forms sort of a hook

jab- busy punch thrown quickly at the opponent

kidney punch- blow to the lower back; illegal because of damage caused to the kidneys

liver punch- incredibly painful punch/jab to the liver, immediately bringing down the person hit

on the button- straight blow to the chin

pitty-pat punches- lack strength; gain points but don't cause damage

power punch- solid punches to the chin, head or body that cause damage

rabbit punch- punch delivered to back of neck; illegal for damage to cervical vertebrae damage and subsequent spinal cord injury

stick and move- long range punches

straight right/left- power punch delivered with dominant hand

sucker punch- unexpected punch that catches the opponent off guard

sunday punch- a hard blow that renders the opponent from fighting

uppercut- punch thrown at close range, the target being the chin or solar plexus

Weight Classes(roughly speaking)

flyweight- 108-114 lbs

bantamweight- 114-123 lbs

lightweight- 123-132 lbs

light welterweight- 132-142 lbs

welterwright- 141-152 lbs

middleweight- 152-165 lbs

light heavyweight- 165-178 lbs

heavyweight- 178+ lbs


bare-knuckle boxing- same as boxing, but without the gloves, only tape

barnburner- great fight

below the belt- the region below the belly button and above the hips; against the rules to hit below the belt

bout- boxing match with one minute breaks

boxers handshake- touching knuckles to greet each other

brawler- boxer who lacks fitness and has typical punching patterns

breadbasket- stomach area

bum rush- rush an opponent so they are out of the fight faster

catcher- uses his head to block punches

chin- strong jaw that absorbs punches

clinch- when an opponent holds onto the other opponent to stop their punches; last resort

corner man- takes care of boxer while in the corner of the ring; usually a manager

dirty fighting- using dirty punches and moves while making it look like an accident

down and out- a defeated boxer

down for the count- boxer who is knocked down and stays down for the count of ten

flash knockdown- when a boxer is knocked down but is up before the referee starts counting

glass jaw- a boxer who is easily knocked out with a hit to the jaw

haymaker- someone who puts their weight behind wild, inaccurate punches; usually a last resort

hitting on the break- when a referee breaks apart boxers clinching and one hits his opponent before taking a mandatory step back

infighting- fighting at close range

kissed the canvas- when a boxer hits the ground face first

lacing- when one boxer presses the laces of his gloves against the face of his opponent; can cut the face

mouse- swelling on the face or head

on the ropes- when a boxer is pinned to the ropes of the ring by his opponent and is kept there by his opponent's punches

outside fighter- fighting from a distance